Budget reflex red dot sight for longarms.

Recently I’ve discovered this guy…

Not really something I’d put on a handgun, but on rifle it seems pretty good.

TL;DR I think right now this is a pretty good deal (all things considered).

I haven’t ‘torture tested’ it yet, I am going to leave this to @Supaduke - he has, maybe some feedback? I am going to put one of them on a shotgun, will report later with positive feedback or bag of parts. But from reviews, the brand in general seems to have good feedback stateside.

Vector Optics V3 1x17x26 Red Dot Sight - 3.5moa Dot Size With 6 Levels Red Dot Intensity #Rdsl25 | C (xhunter.com.au)

My feedback:


  • Battery compartment is under the device. And requires the dot to be removed from base. Not from the gun, but of the base, so I am guessing minimal shift because it sits on pins. But it annoys me. However, with battery life on these things, that would be a once in every few years kind of deal. Tiny annoyance, but an annoyance nevertheless.
  • No clicks on adjustment screws. Feels a bit smooshy. I haven’t zeroed mine yet, but I have adjusted a bunch of these types. Again, not a huge deal, just needs a nice surface and a little more time. Tiny annoyance, but an annoyance nevertheless.


  • For the money, feels excellent.
  • Handling it - it feels like a ‘thing’.
  • Have torqued the rail clamp to 21 in-lb - did not strip anything, which I have in the past on cheap Chinesium. Good!
  • Dot looks fine for the money. Hard to explain, but for comparison: dot on this ($109) looks about the same as any other device within $600. Beyond that the dots do look sharper, but for this red dot and the type of shooting that’s done with a sight like that - it’s irrelevant, approved.
  • Comes with integrated mount (it’s obviously for longarm, handguns specific often don’t come with mounts) and adjustment tools.

I don’t recall if it came with a battery (CR2032).

Personally, I found it to be a perfect balance between features, quality and $. And overall the brand seems to have positive vibes online…

A little side note, I seem to shoot rifles with reflex sights a lot better than rifles with a ‘traditional’ red dot. Not sure why, but an observation worth mentioning.

@sungazer - you were asking me about a budget reflex sight. This one is up there.

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I’ve put the vector optic on my .22 Ruger 96.

Seems well built, was easy enough to dial in and I achieved acceptable groups shooting freehand at 25m.

For a $100 optic, it’s good. There is compromise in some features and quality but for the price point it’s excellent.

Durability remains to be determined. I have put about 200 rounds through the Ruger without issue.