BSA 270 Win worth picking up?

Came across a BSA sporter in .270 Winchester at a decent price. I’ve been daydreaming about doing some deerhunting, but the only deer legal rifles I have are unscoped.303’s or perhaps 12G using slugs.
Are there any opinions on .270 for Sambar and Smaller deer? Any on the older BSA,s?
It looked to be in good condition, hardly ever used and like I said very affordable.

Hi, yep, 270 is legal for all deer on Vic.

.270 is just fine for Sambar…but I prefer a .30-06, bigger bullet weights.

Will be fine. If you can get them 150gr will be great. 130gr are the minimum but should be ok. If the price and condition is right grab it.

But in my inexperienced opinion I’d opt for 308 or 30-06 as slightly better options.

303s were used for many years.

I can not comment on 270, I’ve never shot one. the BSA rifles seem pretty good to me, my neighbor has one in 22-250 and its been a great rifle for him and he is not a bloke that goes easy on stuff as a few people here who’ve met him could attest to.
I’d say go for it!
Plus you should never pass up a cheap gun, because gun, I mean come on, gun…

It’s a bit like the old saying " 1 you miss out on is one that you will never make up"
I know it refers to sex gut the same applies to guns.

Yes. Heading off to see if its still there now.

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Well I decided to give it a miss, had a good look at the bore and it wasn’t so great. That and the fact it was the other owner today - so the price was $150 odd higher.
I think I’ll wait for a pretty CZ or BRNO in 270, 30-06 or 308 to come up at the right price.

What’s your budget, wombat?

No set budget, just a tightarse. I wasn’t really looking , its just that I came across this one.

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here you go, brand new 30-06 in ballarat $595, although they are shit to deal with sometimes!

Looks a bargain to me

If you are searching for bargains see if you can find one for the Sako M10 in 300WM…:star_struck:

Yes that does look like a bargain, but I would prefer something with timber and blueing. I’m in no rush, something nice will come up.

Now that is nice.

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For sure, you should buy it. A gun that sexy will have deer coming from every direction just to check it out lol!

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