Browning X Bolt

Does anyone own one? Has anyone shot one? Legally and with permission fondled one with good intentions?

I don’t see them in my local fun shops, they sure aren’t cheap online. But they are made by Miroku so that’s cool. Lotta configurations too, maybe more than Tikka. Everything from open sights African Hunter type thing, to a McMillan stocked 6.5

Confusing. Own/shot x-bolt or that specific one?

Now the Legally and with Permission really spoils the fondaling.
I have fired an X-Bolt before but it was in a timber stock and in 7mm Rem Mag.
Was a nice gun to handle and the fit and finish was very good.

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100% would own. Wanted to get the eclipse varmint but wasn’t available in 243. Prefect if you’re not into modifying rifle even though there are plenty of options if you were.

Smooth and well built. The only thing i didn’t like was the magazine, too many moving parts.

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Right, we’re talking in general… Yes, own 2, they are nice and smooth.

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I thought it’s one of the best, on par with Ruger’s rotary magazine… Way more rugged and reliable than box magazines. Never had an issue.

Thanks, Now I’m regretting buying my lithgow.

:man_shrugging: Don’t see how anyone could ever regret a modern Lithgow. I mean, minus a few recalls lol, but seriously, I’d imagine Lithgow would be above and beyond.

Australian tikka, very good but very mediocre. It being made in Australia and a 3 lug are the only reason it was on my list.

I guess i better start thinking of how I’m going to get an x bolt on my license. They do make a 300wsm…

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I own Composite Stalker (308); and Predator Hunter (223) in their crappy duracoat shit that will be coming off in a couple of weeks, to get blued finish underneath and a new stock. The 223 is 1:8, which is why I wanted it, but shoots everything from 55gr just fine.

Anyhow, the 308 has been dropped from various heights, slid down in dirt, mud and rain and terminated a few delicious enemies that looked like deer. I am pretty happy with it. Barrel length is pretty good too, not too loud when shooting in the bush without ear pro (or maybe it’s just the adrenaline).

Bolt is smooth, but rigid so to speak, not in a bad way. Like my Tikka is really smooth but rattly, x-bolt is smooth but rigid (tighter tolerance is what I am trying to say). It feels like it requires more conscious effort to pull it back to avoid short stroking so to speak (yes, I know how it sounds :slight_smile: If you going to make jokes about it, just think of your mum). I like them both (including your mum).

Fit is excellent. Feel is excellent. Reliability is excellent. Finish, used to be excellent, caveat below:

Finish, duracoat is faulty, they actually have a court case in progress about that (and same with the coating on their stocks that have patterns). Perhaps they fixed it now, but there is a court case about older models. Bluing is fine, mine is wearing a bit thin in places, but it is my hunting gun and has seen a lot of use when we were allowed to roam free.

Weight, if anyone wants a baseline: Tikka Lite feels a smidge lighter than 308 Stalker, maybe it had an empty mag when I handled it, don’t know, but felt just a tiny little bit lighter. Howa feels like a sack of bricks tied to your scrotum, while you plot your course up hill, dragging the sack, attached to your sack, uphill over boulders. Kimber: I have wet dreams about how lite Kimber is. Browning pump action - also lighter. Comparing to high end Moral and Blazer, the two definitely noticeably feel a lot lighter. It’s almost as if this is the last entry level weight so to speak by feel and ergonomics after you move into next level expensive. Ummm yeah…

Can anyone tell, I just had a coffee :smiley:


before or after the lines of coke?

Thank you for that detailed analysis.

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Damn you guys.


Now it is a race to see who buys it first you or @JizzFlinger lol.

Ready. Set… Go

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Is the bottom metal aluminium or plastic?

on the trigger guard and stuff?

Yep, floor plate and trigger guard.

I’ll have to take a look, I don’t remember now.

@Gregfiddich it’s some sort of an alloy. Not plastic. On 223, did not check 308, but guessing it would be the same.

Thanks for checking, it would have been a no for me if they were plastic. I’ve been chasing up a new one in 300wsm. Haven’t committed yet but for 2400 bucks it might be a go.

Well i got a brand new IWA limited edition McMillan target A3-5 in 300WSM.