Browning Stickers. To peel or not to peel.

Right. personally I don’t like them them and I ripped the factory sticker off my BL22 straight away. I’m in the hunt for a B725 and I note a few getting around on the interwebs which are still sporting the factory sticker on the fore grip… I’m not a fan. what do others think?


Rip them off! Not a fan.

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Take em off its wood. If its plastic Who gives a rats?

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Browning stickers are on barrels usually.

You’re not a fan, you already answered your question :+1:

My question?

The OP, keep up young man. :+1:

The op didn’t ask what he should do, he ask what everyone else thinks. Keep up, young man.

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Touche young man
Take the sticker off :slightly_smiling_face:


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Why would you leave it on???

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I took mine off my Citori.

On the shotguns I notice 90% of sporters are stickerised, but 90% of field shotguns aren’t. Looking at some of the people at the skeets clubs, and some of the cars in the skeet carpark it all quickly makes *sense :slight_smile:

*(Im quietly cynical, smug and nice. All at the same time)


Peel. Get that shite off of there


Take the sticker off. They look tacky IMO.