Brownells USA are ....

So got a email the other day from Brownells USA
Thought every1 might like to know!

" From: Brownells [[email protected]]

Date: 5 April 2019 at 4:32:04 am AEST
Subject: Australia… Brownells USA Welcomes You Back!

Valued Brownells Customer,

We’re happy to inform you that you can once again shop directly from Brownells USA!

Visit today and start shopping the world’s largest assortment of firearms accessories, parts, reloading tools, components and more – directly from Brownells USA. Of course, nearly all of our products are backed by our industry-exclusive, Guaranteed. Forever. TM customer satisfaction policy.

If you have questions about this message, please feel free contact us via phone at (0011-1)-641-623-4000 or email at [email protected].

Very Best,

Brownells Customer Support Team


Nice, that will save a heap of time and effort. Order from the Australian store they then wait for the items to be sent to them before they send it on, takes forever.
Ordering direct from the USA will be quicker.

I just wonder about warranty, do you have to send it back to the US or can you send it to the Australian store?

I wonder how that will go for the Australian store

I received a similar email. To clarify what they advised, I asked: - “How does this impact on the business of Brownells Australia with whom I have dealt in recent times?
And, is the change a result of changes to the previous difficulties with negotiating ITAR requirements?”

Their reply: - “Thank you for the email, all pending or open orders through Brownells Australia will still be handled by them. Any new orders you would like to place can now be entered directly on the US site and we will process. Regulated items on any new orders would require an export license.”

Note the caveat about ‘regulated items’; ITAR has not yet changed, so it’s not quite open slather. Yet.