Broken XL650 Ring

If you have a spare one of these:

For goodness sakes hold onto it. It has taken me over a month to source a replacement, which was a bloke from the club. They come in the XL650 spare parts kit and can be bought from few places, or gotten for free from Dillon USA as a warranty replacement free of charge. Saffire Trading in Oakleigh Victoria has some on the way, as does NVT Australia.

Stay tuned for a test and review of a solid aluminium one I ordered due to arrive in a couple weeks. Cleavers are OOS as well and due in a month.

Also, the XL750 is totally INCOMPATIBLE. Ask me how I know.

For sale: 1 XL750 indexing ring. $20 delivered.

I had a few failures, some fixed with the replacement parts kit and some from Dillon, who also replenished the spare parts kit for free, free shipping, fast… I seriously can’t fault a single bit. Get on the website, add some photos and part numbers, life time warranty - bam! Freaking amazing customer service.

Can’t deny it.

I specifically asked them to invoice and send four units. They sent four no charge.

Same here, I asked for a replacement part that was broken and while at it for an invoice for few springs, which are consumable and I replaced them from spare parts kit… Nope, thank yo sir, your stuff is in the mail.

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