Brisbane Gun Show 2021

Anyone going? I plan on going both days, looks like it could be pretty good day(s) out.

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Hard to say where gun shows are going to be at. Could be awesome because there hasn’t been a proper one for a while and dealers have restocked. Or the COVID blowout will continue and there won’t be much and it will be expensive. You’ll find one day will be more than enough. They are good fun and nice for a walk around, last few years have seen some slightly cheeky pricing though.


Last few years you haven’t came home without a gun. Lol


Last couple I got noticed a marked increase in a lot of things , especially accessories. I’m hoping my first theory is correct. Seeing current online prices I’m a bit weary of how gun shows will be.

I doubt I’ll be buying any guns, maybe some accessories, books or small militaria collectibles. Just having a stickybeak really.

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Be nice for one in Vic.

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Be nice to have one in SA again, we haven’t had one for years

Thanks for the heads up @MangoBombs, at this stage i’ve got nothing planned so i reckon i’ll go for a bit of a look around.

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Ballarat show is first wknd in July…I think…

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I’ll be there!

See you there!

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Thanks for that! I thought I imagined reading that. Hopefully it goes ahead.


It’s been cancelled. :frowning:

I just checked the deets on the link above to confirm it was this weekend.


Next wknd…and yes, its canceled

So, no show in Ballarat?

Yes it a no show! Thanks to covaids

In vic?! Wtf

Must be two gun shows coming up hey lol. And it appears both are cancelled :wink:

Very Risk conscious. I was looking forward to that. I bet they didnt want to take a chance of it getting called off with less than a weeks notice in case they loose any money,

As far as I can tell the Brissy one is still on…fingers crossed