BPCR Silhouette, any takers?

August 18-19 2018 at Rankins Springs we are holding the NSW State titles.
Due to a clash with another competition the expected numbers will be down.
If you own a black-powder cartridge rifle and have any interest in competing, this will be a good opportunity to have a go. We shoot two 40 shot matches over the week-end with practice Friday 17th after set up. There will also be a 40 shot .22 match Saturday morning. Any single shot, exposed hammer gun will be allowed as well as Martini’s. (Just not Internationals)
You can camp at the range but there are no facilities other than a couple of long drops.
Town is only a kilometre away and has a small motel, a nice little caravan park with powered sites and very clean amenities. The pub does meals and cold beer.
We run a relaxed shoot and try to look after new shooters to encourage participation. BPCR silhouette is full of noise, smoke and tumbling targets, come and join the fun.

Is it for New South Welshmen only, Dan?

No, everyone is welcome. Don’t let the “State Titles” moniker put you off. It just means you’ll get a medal if you place. The sport has a grading system so you compete against those with similar abilities and you can just walk up and have a crack.
Chickens are shot off-hand but all other targets are shot off cross sticks - any position, with prone being the most used position. I could take a “spare” rifle if you wanted to come along.

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I doubt i would be able to make it with business commitments, mate. Was more asking for other’s info.
Would be fun, though. :grinning::+1:

Yeah, I realize that. I was offering because I do owe you one.

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