BP Muzzle loader lube recipes

I’m interested in lube recipe’s for BP muzzle loader using ball and patch.

Seems to be a lot of info out there but what do experienced users recommend? What is tried and true.

This is one of those subjects where opinions are like a-holes. But a lot of folks, myself included, still go 50/50 beeswax and vegetable oil. The propriety brand Wonder Lube really works, and pre-lubed patches can be ordered from the US but are not as cheap as making your own lube, Cheers.

Sooo, 8 parts olive oil and 1 part beeswax seems popular. Some add some soap. What is your opinion?

NB. This is for ball and cloth wad.

I just use half half beeswax and olive oil,or just spit

Thanks pete

The 8 parts olive oil & 1 part bees wax looks like the go. Tried it a couple of weeks ago at plinkfest and shot well.

A quick clean after every shot made for very easy loading.

I also tried the same mix and added some liquid soap but the soap failed to mix well. So in the bin.

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