Both 222 and 223

Thanks to @bentaz, I now have both .222 rem and .223 rem rifles. I once would have really only chose one or the other, but not these days. The fast twist developments of the 223 have really broadened the gap between the 2 I believe. The 222 has a 1/14T barrel and the 223 has a 1/8T barrel.
I’m reserving the 222 for 40gn bullets, and the 223 for 80gn bullets, as I believe the twists will suit just nicely. Anyone else have both?

Not me, I have neither of them. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Unpopular opinion but IMO .222 is one of those cartridges that doesn’t need to exist commercially.

I think all things being equal ithe 222 has the accuracy on over the 223.

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I have 1:8 223, but not the other one.

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I have both. One 222 and I did have 3 x 223s. I sold one of 223s to my brother as three was at least one too many.

I run Winchester 45gr JHP in my 222 with ar2207 and quite impressed with accuracy. The velocity is quite respectable (26 inch barrel) at around 3500fps. The 222 also worked pretty well with the 50gr Zmax.
I also have to 40 Zmax.

I run 55gr and up in the 223 and save the light stuff for the 222.

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Yeah I have a heap of 40gn bullets for the 222, and im reserving the 223 for 55gn+

I only shot 55gn out of the 222, it was the first rifle I reloaded for, i got a good deal on a box of 500 super-roo’s , started loading with TB and later 2206h.
Both shot well for me so i just stuck with it.

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I still have heaps of the 55gn super-roo’s so I hope they shoot well in my 222 rimmed cadet too.

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I bought a heap of Winchester 40gn soft points at the last Ballarat gunshow, for stuff all, so I hope they shoot.

I re-homed a bucket (quite literally) of 223 brass from the range and bought a bulk 1k 55gr Speer bullets when Reloaders Heaven was closing shop. That’s my feed for 7615. Once that’s out, I have a feeling 7615 will be out too lol


Dunno why you bothered with a 7615 in the first place. Whatever floats your boat I guess…lol

As long as you don’t hang a bunch of tacticool accessories and shit off it or try to pretend it’s I Can’t Believe It’s Not An AR-15, the 7615 is not a bad gun at all IMO.

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