Borescopes Reviews and value propositions

A Borescope is a piece of kit that I have wanted since I first saw one in use. But could never justify the expense, There have been times I would have loved a chance to see what is going on in my barrels but have had ti wait weeks or even months until I could be at the same place and time as a friend who has one.

I think the Gold Standard for a Borescope is the Hawk eye and I have seen a couple and used them and they are fantastic and fascinating but the price. Well they started out life as a medical instrument and the price reflects that. The basic model starts out at somewhere near $1000 but you really need the accessories like a light, a 90 degree eye piece and the rotating mechanism all up you are over or near to the $2000.

There have been a few of the electronic camera types on the market of course from the Chinese available at AliE or Ebay. Lyman also has one that is more suited to Rifles all these have so far lacked in a quality picture and they have only been look ahead type devices not a 90 degree mirror so you can look at the bore like it was sectioned and held up to your face.

The new kid on the block is the Teslong which has a 90 degree mirror attachment and has the correct focus. It is designed to be a Rifle Bore scope and the best thing is that it is $50 USD it is available on Amazon but it doesn’t ship to Australia. But Teslong are selling them on their website direct and are shipping to Australia $90 Aus all up inc postage. I have contacted them as the website is unclear as to what comes in the package. As the mirror and cable are shown as accessories but I have been ensured that both come in the standard package.

One of the target shooters I know over in WA has purchased one and given it the tick of approval as have quite a few people on other Australian websites. So my order is about to be placed. I will report back on the performance in time.

This is a new version that will now fit down a 223 barrel and perhaps a 22LR


It could pay for its self at the next plink fest.

Let us know what its like once u have tried it

Will do, its been at the post office for a few days already. I will pick it up Monday I will have a few barrels ready for inspection.

I am really looking forward to it to check on cleaning. This is the area that I will most use it. It could save time and chemicals and barrel wear or at least muscle wear. :grinning:

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I fired up the Borescope and it is brilliant.
In the box comes the simi flexible part and then a usb cable with phone adapter that connects to the Semi rigid part. It has a light that is variable and came with two spare mirrors that can be adjusted and locked with a locking ring(adjusts focus).
I didnt bother reading the instructions and plugged it into my windows 7 computers and a driver installed and picked it up as a Teslong camera. I started VLC media player set the capture device which was in the drop down menu and viola it worked.
First try was off with the mirror and stuck the camera in my ear it was marvelous just like a surgeons and I have seen my insides quite a few times now. :rofl:
Next was a little more serious and I tried it in the Target Rifle absolutely stunning perfect picture quality the correct view and more than enough detail. I am comparing it to the Gold Standard Hawk eye with all the gear.
The only slight difficulty was following a groove a long way in the coax is a bit resistant to a full 360 as you would expect. On the other hand the viewing on a laptop on a chair next to you beats bending over looking through an eyepiece. It is easy enough to look at all the groves and lands and the throat.

All in All I give it a 100% value for money at $90 Aud delivered. I would also give it a 99% as a quality tool full stop. This really helps with seeing how your cleaning regime is working, to asses the wear and any faults with any barrel. very happy. I can see using this tool on a regular basis. It is small an easily mobile and will work with a phone so if you were purchasing a second had barrel the perfect tool to take along.

I found a little copper and a little bit of scratching right on the freeboar to rifling junction. somewhere I think you would expect to see some wear and tear.

I will post some pictures up in the near future. Right now I want to do some inspections.


Kinda really needs photos here… Otherwise words are hard :frowning: My bird brain needs pictorials.

@juststarting ok hope these work as I put the scope on an old laptop with none of the accessory programs I normally use.


They are very good quality pictures and are nice and clear even when you zoom right in. Shows the wear nicely and for $90 is a great investment.

Bugger now I need/want one …

I think I could do better, you can adjust the distance of the mirror which I have only just tried, these pictures were taken in a bit of a hurry to get them up here. like anything a bit more experience and some tweaking should sharpen the pics up a bit.


That thing can help you buy and sell rifles like a pro. Well done and thanks for heads up!

(Insert endoscopy joke here)