Bolt Shroud Wear - Grinding on Receiver?

I know a bunch of you guys have Ruger Americans - do any of you guys have this thing where your receiver is wearing into your your bolt shroud? I’ve had it for less than a year, and maybe put 500-700 rounds through it?

I get that there is wear and tear and what not, but it already stripped some of the bluing, and also looks to be scratching a bit of a gouge in the shroud. It doesn’t feel rough or anything to cycle though.

Looks pretty serious. I would be taking to it with some wet and dry probably starting at 400 and finishing at 1000 untill all those little lines are gone. That should make it small enough and slippery enough to fix the problem. Good Luck.

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Take it back and ask WTF??

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The images have no reference point. Can you do better photos of where it is. With some context for size comparison, etc.

Top of the bolt shroud grinding against the top inside lip of the back most point of the receiver (Next to the safety)

The scratch is about 2.5 cm long, and then wraps around another 1.5 cm.

I take it that it’s not something normal then? Guess it’s going back to Clayton Firearms lol.

Pretty typical of a rifle, in that price range, I suspect.

I’ll take a look at mine in a bit.

Heh - yeah probably. good thing I still have warranty.

Looking on another forum, Ruger did take the rifle back for someone else that had this issue. I guess it’s not just a cosmetic thing.

Same area as yours, but seems to be a lot more cosmetic than anything else.

I had a look and the very edge of the receiver where the bolt is inserted (if it’s fully out). This is where you get those scratches… It’s quite rough. Guess a lot more on yours than mine. I’d go and swap it, you have a warranty.

I recon I will just polish mine. It’s literally that one spot. If you pop the bolt in and slowly close the bolt, you will see exactly where it happens.

Not typical of Ruger at all, actually. That said, out of all my 22s (I have one or two). This is easily in top 3 of favourites for plinking with. But there’s definitely an issue with machining on the very edge of the receiver.

I dont have an American Rimfire model, but with four centrefire Americans, I have noticed the tooling on New Haven assembled models is much rougher than the later Mayodan factory line.
Early New Haven 450 Bushmaster, note the tooling marks

Later Mayodan 223. The stock was also an improvement with an increase in the fibre reinforcement level, and much better finish.

On the edge of the receiver, or edge of the casting? Are these Ruger Americans an investment casting that requires minimal machining? There is Ruger, and there is Ruger…just like Remington and there is Remington…Vintage is better, I believe.

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This is Ruger American, the budget entry model new school rifle.

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That’s true and while price will of course be a factor in many areas they still should be machined & fit to a point where they don’t foul on themselves.

Yeah, you’re probably right there.

Casting I suspect, excuse the terminology, so, let me fall back to what I know best - pictures and finger pointing :slight_smile:

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I think it’s as simple as, they dont make them like they use to…

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Spoke to the dealer on the phone. It’s not normal.

I have to wait till end of Stage 4 before I can bring it in, and then it’s going to take like 4-5 weeks.

@MaxJon - To be honest, for how much I paid for it, I really can’t complain. It’s been mostly a good rifle for me, and I’m still very happy with it.


It doesn’t matter how much you paid, If QC isn’t up to 1970’s soviet standards you have a right to complain.
The other way of looking at it is if no-one complains the accountants in charge will continue to lower quality until people do…


Exactly this. You paid for something and it’s not up to standard. 1c or $1000, doesn’t matter.

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I structured that poorly - yes I’m going to complain in the sense that the rifle isn’t fit for purpose, and I’m going to bring it back for repair/replacement.

However, I’m still happy with the rifle. Even with this problem, and the magazine problem I had originally, for what I paid, it’s been a good rifle. If someone was looking for a cheaper 22, this would still be my recommendation.