Black Widow Dealer

Had this pop up in my Stalkbook feed and thought that it might be of interest to someone on here.

We’re looking for someone who’s willing to become a distributor for Black Widow Projectiles in Brisbane or surrounding areas. As we’re sick and tired of being knocked back by the Dealers in this area, so we’re opening the opportunity up to the public. We’re willing to talk to a suitable person and give them a workable deal. If you’re interested, give John a call- 0403069089.

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They seem like good pills, I’ve got some for the 303-25.
Could be a good opportunity for someone!

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Yes, I have them in 9mm and I believe JS uses them as well.
Not sure where @Brett hides but it might interest him if he is in the right area.

I’ve actually heard some really bad reviews recently about them and their affiliates. Purely based on what I’ve heard, I wouldn’t…

To clarify, nothing to do with the product. All to do with business ethics.

Brett is in Sydney somewhere.

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There’s a lot to unpack in here. Why are dealers knocking them back, seems like good pills. So there’s something else… Workable deal? Hrmm, that also sounds more like bulk purchase than a distribution channel.

Something fishy.


These clownss have fucked over people already.

Dan Rapicholi is the man to see about projectiles!

Are they the ones that promised him his projectiles and didn’t deliver on the order?


:slight_smile: All good, I am guessing there are things happening in the background like a ninja, so I thought I’d clean this up until it’s all put to bed. Then he can come and yell at clouds :slight_smile:

Just got notified of this and thought it appropriate to post my recent experience with John from Black Widow Projectiles. Some weeks ago I made enquires about purchasing 25,000 9mm 125gr LRN projectiles, a price was agreed and a deposit paid on a Wednesday. I asked that he hold the order for a week as I was expecting to add another 3000-4000 44Mag / 45ACP projectiles. On the following Wednesday I asked that he ship the order and I paid the balance.
John told me that he only had 18,000 and needed to coat the remaining 7,000 over the weekend and would ship on the Monday. I enquired on Tuesday to see if the order had shipped and was told it would go on Wednesday. I called Thursday and was told it would ship Friday or Monday at the latest. So Monday comes, I called and spoke to John and couldn’t get a clear answer on if they had shipped or when they’d ship.
In the background I messaged Trevor Baily from Susan Island Projectiles and asked for a quote as I was getting “dicked” around by Black Widow. Within 20 mins of that message, John called me and abused me for bagging out his business and basically to fuck off and he was refunding my payment. I was also informed not to bother contacting HRBC as they are %50 owned by Black Widow and he told them not to deal with me.
So at 5pm on a Monday after chatting to a couple friends I got a call from Daniel Repacholi, after a conversation I was back in business. He pulled a couple late nights and delivered 26,000 projectiles last Friday and I’ve been flat stick on the press every free hour since then.
I have an extensive email trail from Black Widow and Susan Island, I posted a bit of a bitch session to FB last week and was contacted by someone who works for the ACCC. I’ve documented the entire saga and sent it off as the ACCC believe there might be a case of unconscionable conduct along with possible cartel like behaviour. In John’s own words, “This is a small industry and we all talk to each other”.
I should be thankful to John being an asshat and Trevor being his spineless lap dog cause now I’ve found a better supplier who is cheaper and delivers for free :slight_smile:
In summary, Black Widow are assholes who can’t deliver on promises, Susan Island are ethically vacuous and no point dealing with HRBC. Buy from Daniel, good bloke and highly recommended.


It’s interesting, because I am thinking, if an independent business shared your data with another, that’s ought to be some privacy breach. I had a look for their policies, but doesn’t look like they have a website, so at the very minimum it’s unethical behaviour in relation to their customers and completely out of line with consumers’ expectations of privacy, to give away your details to essentially someone entirely separate to the business.

Yep, I read your post on FB so I knew you had dramas that’s why I thought of you for a dealer as you didn’t mention who it was that stuffed you around lol.

I was going to use Black Widow and have 500 9mm sitting here but it works out cheaper and easier for me to go to Westcastings as they are in Perth and a lot closer to home. Plus I got 5000 delivered to the door cheaper than what the same amount was from Black Widow without delivery.

It’s their loss as for the amount that you buy they are shooting themselves in the foot plus now a lot of others who know about what has happened will now shop elsewhere.
It is also unethical of them to share your information around to others, I hope that the ACCC tear them a new one.

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The privacy breach is interesting and also mentioned in my complaint to the ACCC. I’m not surprised that dealers don’t want to deal with Black Widow. I’ll be placing another order with Daniel in a few weeks for 35,000 9mm, 5000 45ACP and 5000 44Mag projectiles. Much of this is for orders I’ve got in the pipeline along with a little buffer stock. Might be time for a better press, I’ve emailed Camdex in the US for a quote on their 2100 series pistol press and I’ll see how that compares against the Mark VII Revolution.

Black Widow are looking for a dealer in Brisbane because Demon Projectiles are taking the market share in that region. They have only been going for 2 years and are based in Perth, but have distributors in Brisbane and Melbourne that work directly for the company, not resellers. They are making an impact in the industry for quality product and service and are pissing of the other manufacturers that have been raping us high volume shooters for years.
Demon Projectiles Website


Well I guess that’s the last bag of black widows I’ll buy.
I hope demon or someone starts making all the weird n wonderfuls I load, guess I’ll have to buy some more molds maybe…

@bentaz, Here are a couple of sites;

There are more but these are the only one’s I have saved.
Other than Westcasting, Tigershark and Demon I have had no dealings with the rest.

I also found this mob who I have just ordered some 9mm through and their prices are good, their web site is crap though but contact is through emails and they are pretty quick to answer. I will let you know how my order goes.

Thanks mate, I’ll check em out

Seems none of those do the sort of range that hrbc do.
Might start buying molds and learning about alloys and powdercoating

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@bentaz wheel weights and toaster oven. Congratulations, you now know all about alloys and powder coating. Hehehe