Black Range Firearms

I took a trip to Horsham today to pick up my new .243 CVA Scout.

James was great to deal with over the phone and net, I got the gun for a bargain price and it was in better condition than I expected (looks basically brand new). James works from home and was very hospitable, we had a good yarn and I kicked a few tires (I will be back there to buy again soon), I wasn’t charged for the permit and he threw in some once fired brass as well.
All in all I had a great experience and would recommend Black Range Firearms to anyone.


A good chap to deal with, I agree. He is an experienced importer for firearms and parts from the US, and several people I know have used his services and have high regard for him. Enjoy your new rifle, Cheers.

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Always love hearing positive experiences… the worlds full of alot of negativity in retail

Yeah sadly people are pretty quick to tell everyone when they don’t like the service they get, but are quiet when they get treated right (our first world sense of entitlement).

Sure if someone screws you over / rips you off post it in this section so people can hopefully avoid getting in the same situation. But I really hope this section can be used to share the positive experiences we have and can send business towards some of the great dealers and products that are out there.

Not really, it’s reasonable to expect service and tact. That said, yes please - this section should be used for positive reviews, just as much.

If that’s the case probably better to rename the thread

To what? Something like Shop and gear review?

Mmmmm, I think I’m an idiot. Ignore earlier post.

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