Black Powder stock and availability.

Hello fellow filthy front stuffers. What’s the word on black powder stock levels in your area? Is there any talk of shortages forecast? Can’t buy the stuff up here in NT so Id like to get a head start if needed and secure some to get me through the next few years.

@JizzFlinger , I get mine ( Swiss) from SSAA Para, bit of a road trip for you.

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Oh, its going to be a road trip regardless. I might go home via the coast. I wouldn’t mine seeing inside Cleaver firearms.

Combat simulation systems at helicon for Wano.

if you are coming through south east Queensland. Just have to give them prior notice when you’re picking up powder. They are always cheaper than the shops.

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And if you are going home “via the coast”, be sure to call at Owens in Gympie and have a look at the collection.

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I am taking the big trailer. 50kg powder limits be damned!

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Definitely stop in at Owens

I want to go to Owens. It feels like heaven.

I’m starting to feel Inadequate, with only 20kg on hand…

Where is the most reliable place in Vic to buy some?

H Rehfisch in Ballarat, always seem to have what I want…