Black powder benchrest

This is news to me, who here has heard of black powder benchrest shooting?
I can’t figure out how to take a screenshot on this new phone can somebody post a pic into here?

Don’t know but i didn’t know there was Black Powder F-class untill i did my RO course!

Why not? …

I think it’s great but no-one ever tells you it exists.

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BP muzzleloader or BPCR f class? Sounds cool tho!

I think that’s some of the stuff @danmac shoots

G’day Folks
Yeah I don’t do the benchrest but it is pretty popular. I00 and 200m/yds? I believe.
I mainly shoot BPCR Silhouette and long range BPCR and muzzleloader out to 1000 yards.
The silhouette is shot off-hand at the 200m chickens and any position with cross sticks is allowed for the 300m pigs, 385m tukeys and 500m rams. Most shoot prone.
The long range BPCR is also shot using cross sticks. The long range muzzleloader is shot using a jacket and sling like full-bore at similar targets. That is what I shot at Bisley in the U.K, last year.

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What range location, is this shot at?

There are various ranges that we shoot these disciplines at. Personally I shoot with the Buffalo Rifle Association at our “home” range at Cooyal, near Mudgee NSW and at the “Nioka” range near Gunnedah, NSW. We shoot long range “gong” and paper targets out to 1100 yards with both BPCR and muzzle-loaders.

The BPCR silhouette is also shot at various ranges. There is usually a monthly shoot at Monarto, S.A.
We shoot the NSW State Titles at Rankins Springs, NSW the third week-end in August. There is a match shot at the Silhouette Nationals, usually on the last day. I believe they are proposing to hold them on the long weekend in October at Little River, Vic. ( To be confirmed.)

There is a muzzle-loading weekend at Hill End, NSW at Easter, ( cancelled this year ), that has events ranging from axe throwing to cannons. Ive attended thaty to compete in the three position muzzleloading rifle and the long range event for M.L and BPCR rifles. It was a great weekend last year.

I don’t know where your located @MaxJon, but I believe there is a fairly active blackpowder group that shoot at the SSAA Para range in S.A.

They shoot a lot of BP at the club in Seymour too I think, used to see a fair bit on that on another forum pre Oz Gun Lobby.

Victoria, I shoot at Little River…The ML club shoot on the same range. I think it’s a struggling BP club sadly. I was a member for 2 yrs. But never got time to shoot. Being in 2 clubs was too time consuming.

@MaxJon There is a pretty active Black Powder club that shoots near Nagambie. It is called the Seymour ? Rifle club I think. I have been along it looks good fun. It adjoins the Puckapunal Range and sometime you here the Big guns being given a run.
If your interested I could put you in touch with a guy that shoots there regularly.

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No stress, I know a guy who shoots there. I just need time to check it out one day…

Off topic, but I went into my LGS today in the NT…and there was two cans of Pyrodex that they’d found in the storeroom.

Yes, you guys with your goex and your wano wont give a shit, but IM SO HAPPY TODAY!!!

Akkar triple, B92 44mag, dies, powder, projectiles, ammo, YAY!!!


Happy days mate, time to smoke some stuff.

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Goex?, Wano?, I use Swiss exclusively! :grin:

Where do you buy Swiss from? All I can find locally is Wano from the distributer. Let me know next time you’re heading to the Nioka Range and ill see if I can join you. I’ll be there first weekend of Aug for a visit and to see Ken, my cousin lives just over the hill from the range and the bugout is about an hour away.

Swiss is imported by the Para Branch of SSAA in S.A. I get it when I travel. Wano is okay, I just get better results with the Swiss. It’s about 10%, that is, for a given charge I get 10% more velocity with Swiss. To get the same velocity with Wano, I had to use 10% more powder. An example would be that in a .45-70 it took 68 gr of Wano to equal the velocity I could get using 62gr of Swiss. The Swiss also tends to burn cleaner making cleaning easier with less fouling.
Next BRAA blackpowder shoot is at the Cooyal range near Mudgee, 27-28th of this month. I believe the next shoot at Nioka will be the 4th weekend in September.
I know it’s a bit short notice but let me know if you’d like to come along to Cooyal and I’ll let the secretary know. ( He just needs to know the number of attendees, nothing else )

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What are you paying for Swiss?

After some stock take… :stuck_out_tongue: