Birds in the Backyard

I thought we had Birds in the Backyard topic but couldn’t find so if anyone else does please let me know and I will merge this.

Anyway we have a great variety of birds in and around the house. Living in the country means there is a huge range of birds from some of the smallest wrens and finches to the Wedgetail eagle and numerous parrots.

Every year just before spring usually we have the King Parrots come to the house and ask for food. Literally hanging on the bricks of a window looking inside and tapping the glass along with all there noises. The are amazingly tame it started many years ago with what I think was just two, now I have been able to identify some individuals that have come each year for the last 3 and we can get up to 12 birds. Not so many this year perhaps one one or two days 6-8.

So I thought they were pretty brave sitting near the closeline eating while I shot but they also like a chat just as much as food. The 22 was a bit load for them when it went off but between shots this was how close they like to get to talk I was sitting at the rifle.


Pretty tame! I’ve seen some really cool birds up in that area, some have even had a go at my drone recently haha

That’s pretty cool @sungazer. It’s amazing what will come in if you keep the cats away

Am I the only one looking at the photo and thinking this fuzzy c*nt is messing up the bluing?


I thought bluing was pretty tough as long as you kept it lightly oiled?

He’s just happily waiting & thinking “Here kitty kitty kitty kitty!!”

Your a harsh man JS. Unfortunately my beautiful 1750 has a few knocks on it now from the safe and just using it out and about. It would only be a Bird shit that would really do any damage and they always point that outwards :rofl: . I think it is more funny that people can complain about the noise of shooting and I have ducks walking around swimming on the dam. Parrots sitting on a chair around the table while I shoot and then sit on the barrel for greater attention. Damn environment we are disturbing it. :grin:

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Not at all, I love animals. Just not when they are scratching my bluing.

Cool muzzle break.

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I love king parrots, I had many generations of them that were that tame at my old place.
They would have to be the most trusting of all the parrots in Australia!