Bino chest harness

Hi All

Can anyone recommend a binocular chest harness/pouch?

Something similar to this:

Just a thought :+1:

Are you sure that you want a bag/case style harness? They can be really good, but it’s a lot of extra bulk at your front, and it’s a heap of extra movement to get too and put away your bino’s. I’ve got two open strap harness’s where the bino’s just hang against your chest and find I prefer that style. It’s going to be a blend of personal preference and they type of conditions your hunting

I have similar setup to what you’ve described, but I’d prefer to have the binos in a case. I also don’t like them bouncing around.

Fair enough. If the harness is adjusted properly they won’t bounce around unless your doing callisthenics when your hunting

…or some sort of a wrap. Like the pouch is not a given, some sort of quick release wrap… More google foo needed.

What would be good is going full Retard sorry tactical and having a monocular flip down on your hat / earmuff combo.

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Haha naah to much junk to carry then, ninox always gave me a headache

Here are a couple of options;

Like a bra? :thinking:

I use the following one:

It’s nice and slim, very quiet and holds my binos very securely even if I’m jogging or crawling around. I’ve not compared it to anything else, but have been really happy with it.

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Don’t you wear a tactical bra rig?

More I think about it, more I think I am just going to stick with my one, all this bags seems like more bulk than what I am used to.

This is what I have:

I do have a light weight chest rig :joy: i can chuck a back pack on to take out quaters, and i hate taking back packs off to rumage and find stuff, whatever i need i know where it is and its available say a torniquet, if i need one i need it now :joy:

Also it depends who i expect to encounter, i’m thinking of setting things up a little differently

You going full retard again, with threat identification? Never go full retard!

Naah as in i feel like an idiot running around looking like a lost soldier of missfortune :joy: but the practicality outweights the cool factor at the moment, i’ll probably go to a small back back now though

New topic coming up!

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Yep, light weight harness for bino’s. Some small light weight items in pockets. Rest goes in a backpack. The size of the backpack goes up and down depending on how long/far I’m walking, but for most hunts (up to a day) I’ve got it pretty well tied down to 1 pack so it lives next to my desk and is “grab and go”

@Bent_arrow nice photo. Every time I hear gym monkeys go, “leg day” - I visualise a scene like that. Yes mofo, you walk up a hill like that with gear and we will discuss leg days…

I don’t carry binoculars as much these days. Just a range finder. Not quite as good but very light and duel purpose.