Big Bertha's and other oddities

A few years back I went along to the Big Bore Rifle Club’s annual Woodliegh shoot to watch a mate compete with his 500 nitro.
after the comp I got to put a few shots through the 500 which was pretty cool and while I was doing my little happy dance one of the blokes said he had a real big gun if I wanted a go, these things had been set up at the end of the range but I didn’t really recognise what they were until we went down there. They turned out to be a pair of massive tripod mounted 8Ga Martini actioned industrial shotguns, Whinchester RingBlaster’s to be exact.
I got to fire a few rounds through one and got to keep a loaded round for the collection.

What beasts / big bores have you had the chance to play with?

I have 2 or 3 fired cases too. They were in use at Blue Circle Cement when I was working there on a contract about 15 years ago.

Uh, now I can put a case to a gun… Neat!

Just came across this beauty in the Botanical gardens at Hamilton.

Alexandra gardens Ararat and the Botanical gardens at Ballarat both have nice cannons.

The Eureka stockade memorial guns are pretty good too, if you’re in Ballarat.

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Imagine the current cost to fire it with black powder $95 a kg.


@juststarting look at the first post ^^^

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A .75 inch brass cannon on the end of a stick, which was supposedly a late 17th century replica. Speak to Nick Smith of Ballarat Arms & Militaria collectors club, he is the Cannon man.