Best Scope Under $1000

For target shooting, it’ll be going on a 6.5 Creedmoor if that makes any difference.

I don’t know a whole lot about scopes only that the dials adjust the recticle to match the crosshairs to the given distance and wind drift etc.

I’ve seen that dirt cheap scopes can be very unfocused, unscrew when trying to adjust or move the recticle in a jaggered line.

I just want something that I can see clearly through with smooth adjustments that will make shooting easy up to around 1000 yards.

I don’t know much about scopes but I’m estimating I’ll have around $1000 to spend on one after purchasing the rifle I want and factoring in a safe.

So, if anyone can point me in the direction of thee best options under $1000 that would be great.

Also - as I’m not actually licensed yet, can I still legally purchase firearm accessories such as stocks and scopes as long as I have no barrelled action?


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For that sort of money there are a few good ones out there.
I like the Vortex scopes and have this one on my CZ and love it, very clear and crisp glass and it returns back to zero very well after multiple adjustments for distance and windage.

What I mean is if you have it zeroed and then go up 20 clicks and left 20 clicks to shoot at that range, when you go back ie; down 20 and right 20 you are right back where you started.
Some scopes will be close but the Vortex is dead on.

With regards to accessories you can buy everything that you need with out a license other than ammunition, powder and primers.
You can buy a scope, sling, bag, cleaning gear, reloading gear etc etc.

Thanks so much man, looks like a sweet scope and I like the recticle. Only $700 too, that’s unreal.

And that sounds awesome, saves having to re zero or whatever.

And thanks for the info on what I can and can’t get. I take it barreled actions would be a no go too?

Thanks again, I’ll sus out where I can get this scope.

There’s no one size fits all “Best” scope. Everyone has their own personal preference, the one Fatman posted is a good choice, but there may be something else out there that suits you better. For your first setup it is a good pick.

Only experience can make shooting at a 1000 yards easy, it’s not a thing you can just throw money at.
I can’t shoot shit, but let @sungazer set up a rifle and let me lay down behind it and I can smash gongs at 800, let me set shit up and I can miss a barn from the inside.

He said shooting, not hitting…

But seriously you’d want to start by shooting one hole groups at 50 meters with a .22 before wasting money making noise at a 1000 yard target.

I’ve been shooting plenty of times under mates with licenses, I just haven’t gotten around to getting my own until now.
I’ve hit plenty of spoon targets from 50-150 with .22’s, put together some nice groups with the .308 and 22-250 (I can’t remember exact measurements and distances) and have had no worries hitting the 500m gong at the local range.

New to licensing, not to shooting.

Maybe “easy” was the wrong word. I guess I meant that I’m after a scope that will be capable and clear up to 1000 yards. The reason I say 1000 yards is because I think I’ll have trouble finding anywhere to shoot further than that. There’s a 2k range a few hours away I’d probably get to twice a year but otherwise it’d be private property. The local range goes to 500m.

Anyway I read some reviews on the Vortex and I think it’ll be a good fit, but if anyone else has suggestions post them in.

A know a little about hitting things at distance. Don’t get a .1 MIL adjustments cause that’s 10cm per click and a kay which isn’t what I’d call fine adjustment. Look for 1/4 or 1/8 MOA per click which will give you a finer adjustment. Depending on the type of rifle, you may want to factor in either a base or rings with a 20-30MOA cant. Don’t spend the budget on optics then skimp on the rings…quality rings are critical. Once the rifle is setup then invest in quality components and tools to reload and get a chronograph.


Realistically your 1000 dollar scope won’t be the last one on that rifle. Just get one to get going, you’ll soon realise you’ll need a better one.


Yeah I was thinking that eventually I’d upgrade and put the first scope on my second rifle if/when I get one.

However I’m just wanting to make sure I have something decent in the meantime that functions properly and gets the job done. I’m basically just wanting to make sure I don’t buy something shitty.

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This is true. There is no ‘buy-once-cry-once’ for scopes. You are going to buy a lot, and cry a lot.


Most decent shops will let you walk outside with them so you can test them out properly. Not everyone’s the same either, different eyes can prefer different glass, so if something’s really clear for you don’t stress too much if not everyone agrees.

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I would suggest you look out for a second hand Nightforce Br 8*32 These can be had for about $1000. They have a lifetime warranty not that it is needed very often. They have the original designers and manufactures doing the repairs here in Australia and give excellent service. A lot of these scope are being upgraded hence their availability on the second hand market.

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(OFF TOPIC but…)
The interesting story about Nightforce optics, a dentist from South Australia named Ray and an American lightbar company: