Best retailers for online shopping?

G’Day all,

Just wondering where everyone does their online shopping for everything shooting related.
I’ve been doing a lot of searching in the past week and am wondering if there are any online shops people really recommend for either service, range or price.

I use:

  • Midway Australia
  • XHunter (10% off for Father’s Day at the moment, plus I’m a member)
  • Projectile Warehouse

I’ve never used Cleavers but from what I’ve heard, can have amazing prices but stuff is often not in stock and terrible service.

As an aside, is it ever worth purchasing ammo, powders, primers online or will the shipping always wipe out any savings? I know Rebel Gunworks in QLD offers a flat shipping rate for ammo.

I think its impossible to buy ammo, primers, or powder online. I think you will find, they are instore only items. You will also have to give your contact details, when purchasing any powder or primers, here in covidville

I have brought from Oz Gun mart and have not had any problems, always prompt delivery.
I have also brought from Cleavers and other than having to wait for stuff on back order all has been good. Sometimes they are hard to get on the phone and their website doesn’t tell you whether it is in stock or not. If I need it straight away i will ring to make sure they have it first.

I buy a lot of stuff off Oz Gun Mart, Xhunter, Midway Australia and Tourbon from eBay and been happy with them - good prices, fair shipping costs and fairly quick delivery.

I’ve bought a few things off Cleaver and while their prices are good, they not infrequently don’t have certain stuff in stock (so best to call and check before ordering) and their postage costs are quite high for small items.

Brownells Australia have a good range and decent prices but they are slooooooooow, at least in my experience with them.

Not gun stuff, but outdoor stuff, I’ve been impressed with Army & Outdoors ( - they have really good shipping rates, their stuff comes via courier, and they’ve got a really neat range of military surplus and outdoor kit.

Thanks heads for the Army & Outdoors link. Some of that surplus stuff is dirt cheap!


They’ve got some good stuff there and their prices are very good for the most part :slight_smile:

Getting good service and fast shipping from Rebel Gun Works. If I have a big order of ammo, like close to 1k, I’ll go through Cleavers and the DG freight price has been good.

Clay target throwers and accessories, GoPro style gear and…Ariat cowboy boots (!), Ive found have been freakishly cheap and very quick to deliver.

Cleavers does ship primers and ammo, using DG. And; Rebel ships ammo. With Rebel, they will ship DG with TNT (ha-ha) to the nearest depo, then you’ll have to go and pick it up. I think there’s really only two options where you can order DG online. 1. It’s something super rare and you just managed to grab some of that (have done); and 2. you and a bunch of other ‘yous’ (and I mean a lot) chipped in on a massive order, to make shipping palatable (also done, works well if you can find 10’ish people). In general however, it’s really, really expensive to do solo, compared to what you would find locally. Cleavers I think starts at $290 and Rebel is a lot cheaper, but products are also a lot more expensive, depends on your needs I suppose.

Accessories, etc. As everyone said, Xhunter (actually just down the road from me), fantastic to deal with, 100% online, although they have a tiny shop front attached to their warehouse. Tourbon, just look on AliExpress, you will probably find a better deal (all Chinese, sometimes Ali is cheaper).

Midway Au and OzGunmart I buy from a lot and never had an issue with. And if or when you get into Cat H - checkout (in Tas), have also been impressed with them.

Also I think are under-appreciated, they always have the weirdest stuff I needed. Best to call them and order over the phone, the website is a bit meh. I usually give them a call first, when I need something obscure.

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That Army & Outdoors has some ripper bargains on it, thanks for sharing that.

As said above Western firearms is great, my go to for ordering dies. Midway Australia is great.

Gold Coast Shooting Supplies is worth a look too, they stock a good range of Magtec shotgun brass (which @Nomis will want once he finds a snider and a MH) Is another good one. Stuart and Annie are great to deal with.

Midway Australia (eBay - not the website), western firearms, rebel gun works are all good

Cleaver isn’t too bad online. Just have to factor in some of it will be out of stock. They do let you cancel or back order.

I avoid brownells australia. Took months to get some parts with no replies to any emails. Brownells US/Sinclair are shipping to Australia again. I’ve bought a lot of dies from them. Shipping is reasonable.

For black powder, track of the wolf, Dixie gun works and buffalo arms are all really great to deal with.

Thanks for that. Ever since I started researching I’ve been keeping an eye out and I’ve only ever seen them in 12 gauge in Australia.

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Oh yeah, BRT for sure. Great service and all the good gear for reloading. Very handy when you run out of something like collars for your dies.

There must be one advantage to living in the NT here. Last year I paid $110 to send several hundred rounds of ammo over from Cleavers. Im guessing there is some shocking paperwork and fees to go from QLD, through NSW and then into the USSR/Victoria.

+1 for AliExpress

Track of the wolf are great to deal with and post is pretty quick considering they are on the other side of the planet.


Don’t use brownells they never get back to you, they’re hopeless !!

Buffalo arms are the same…great to deal with!! US business, great for bullet molds, and casting goodies!! But I prefer AUSTRALIAN CBE molds.