Best News in Years, I’m sceptical

This link from Shooting Stuff Australia

No idea what it’s about, could be total puff, could be significant. Starts at 7pm this evening.

Telling firearm owners we may actually get some good news.

I’d like to think if someone had huge news for shooters they’d just come out and share it and not try and hype up the announcement like a coming-soon video game or movie, but I guess we’ll have to wait until 7pm to see what the news is.

Likely just that the nsw bill to make wd40 a gun manufacturing tool didn’t get through.


I know youtubers love a bit of sizzle, I just hope they don’t drag it right out to get the views and then the big reveal is a whole lot of nothing. I hope it’s something actually pertinent to the average Aussie shooter. Not something that affects 50 people.

And just as I suspected, stalling, offering teasers, so far just creaming their pants about how many viewers and talking absolute shit.


Having 400 viewers on a live stream is not something to be excited about, I agree. Frankly I’m more surprised at all the people just throwing money at them to make inane comments in the chat.

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So what did I miss

The NSC is now an accredited body for genuine reasons in 3 states. They also now offer $20m in public liability.

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This is when the saying “ignorance is bliss” comes to mind. I’d rather not know something than have to listen to that pair of knobs to find it out.
But thanks to @Supaduke i can have it both ways, info without the BS, cheers mate!! And good on NSC for another step forward!!

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Haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet but which states?

I am assuming NSW, QLD and VIC…

Honestly, I got bored and left. Didn’t get all the details.I’m sure it’s up there. My advice, skip ahead about 30mins.

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Regular Membership & Genuine Reason - Politics for Shooters (

Yep, jumped ahead until I saw Peter’s head no the screen…

Genuine reason for VIC, NSW (R licence), QLD. And liability cover.

Excellent news.

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Yeah I did the same.

Now if we can just get them over…

Yeah, WA is an abandoned state by all it seems. I feel like WA is an Australian version of the Handmaid’s Tale.

We are just a figment of everyone’s imagination.

No, it’s just that the state is beyond saving from a gun laws perspective. They’ve always been shit over there (even before 1996), the cops seem to hate gun owners, the rules around even mailing or couriering Gun Stuff™ to/from the state are a nightmare, they don’t recognise anyone else’s gun licences, and the last election saw a premier who has openly said he hates pro-gun groups get elected by a landslide.

Add to that all the other stuff like that same premier being all “You know, I think we might keep these border controls even after the COVID emergency ends” and you can see why most of the shooting groups have basically said “You’re on your own”.

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I find it ironic that the biggest state with the least people per sq km and literally whole countries can fit in their back yard. And it’s the shittiest state for shooters.


Don’t you mean:


I wish NSC was in the Northern Territory. Id make a fine president. Six figures and a vehicle should just about cover it.