Best Lee Powder measure??

Who has real world experience with Lee powder throwers? Which is the best?
Auto disc? Ideally I want one for pistol charge weights…and subsonic rifle charges. They make a few different ones now, what’s the most consistent?

I have the auto disc on my Lee pro 1000. Runs pistol powder well and always empties the chamber. Gets a little spillage around the disc interface but that’s after doing a considerable amount of rounds.

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I think they make an ‘autodrum’ measure too now, wonder if it’s any better…

I’ve been using Lee gear for 30 odd years. I’ve found the powder throwers to be very accurate IF you are consistent in your actions. I once used a mates Harrell’s thrower, ( supposed to be the duck’s guts ), to reload for a Nationals in Taswegia, ( we had to reload down there due to ammo restrictions on the boat ), I found that with small charges, ( 4.5 grains of AP-70 ), it wasn’t very consistent, I could throw them better with my Lee.
However, on my progressive “Master” press, I’ve had problems with load consistency from the auto-disc unit when loading for my 9mm. I believe it’s due to differing pressures encountered when I strike a “sticky” case and the action of the press bumping the powder charge .

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I have the auto drum one. Used it bit for 223 case (23gr benchmark 8208) seemed very consistent. Totally fine for hunting ammo accuracy.

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I’m looking at tapping one 7/8" hole on one of my Super Simplex turrets, to try either an Auto disk, or Auto drum…just not sure which one to go yet…