Best bedding compound

What are the DIY gunsmiths amongst us using for a bedding compound?? Ive used Brownells Acraglass, and now Armagrout…both work well, but are very runny to apply, and messy. Wondering if i should let it cure a little before applying it. Both great strong products, but messy in application…

Ive used JB Weld its also a bit runny and messy. Once it starts to go off it is too late to apply it.

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I’ve used the Wheeler kits a few times and they go alright.

Jb weld is what my mates uses and they always come out neat.

All the way with LBJ. Or JB in this case.

I think its very good compared to the only other stuff Ive used: AcraGlass from Brownsmells.

I’ve only ever used Devcon, but I haven’t bedded a rifle in years.

  • 1 vote for devcon . Used a couple of different ones over the years . But have always gone back to devcon and proper pillars installed as well . Eliminates most if not all possibilities of variables or fuckery poping up

I would say pillars are a must if you are diving into stock work. It’s the best way to get consistent action torque. Even my old parker hale has factory pillars and bedding, at least I suspect it was factory. I doubt the cocky who had it before me would have done anything to it.


Yes i made a couple of alloy chassis, to enable torque settings/tuning, when i shot ISSF competitively. They sound like a tuning fork. But do believe they also functioned better with a small amount of bedding compound also. The Anschutz 1450 i am thinking of bedding is an old classic, i am not going to make it something its not. The paper shim bedding it has currently is a little insufficient thats all.

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I’ve used this a few times with good results:

Also used Devcon because it seemed cheaper. Also worked well but seemed a softer result on clean up/relieving inlet.

As above; once it starts going off it’s too late to do anything about it and pillars are crucial with any bedding job.
Also, even pressure and some time vibrating to work out any air pockets is very helpful. Don’t screw the action down or you’ll be crying and introducing false datum.

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