Best Anti-virus Spyware software and VPNs

I’m just curious on what people are using or think is best.
I used to run Defender along with Express Vpn but they (Express) got hacked apparently and it shit itself on my computers, then i switched to Malwarebytes premium which has both antivirus & a VPN which seems good but sometimes it likes to just stop all the internets from making their way into my computer at all so i have to reset it which shits me, so if anyone’s got some advise it would be appreciated as my annual subscription is about to expire and looking for options.
Come on all our resident Computer nerds/gurus, share your wisdoms :wink:

Well I have used Kaspersky for a long time but I think it might be time to change.

For a VPN I use cyberghost not sure how great it is but it works for the simple stuff I need it for.

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I just use one of the free VPN services when I need it, I think proton or something and McAfee AV. Nothing terribly exciting.

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Never, ever use a free VPN (unless it’s part of a free anti-malware program from someone respectable)

FWIW, Avast have a very decent paid anti-malware software and VPN; although I’m surprised the Malwarebytes product has been causing issues because generally it’s pretty well liked.

Why not, the price is pretty good :slight_smile:

when I need it

most nights around 1.30am eh?

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1:30am plus seven to eight seconds.

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Ahh yes, logging in to San Diego.

Because they’re not nearly as secure as a paid service, for starters: Don't use a free VPN -- you'll be putting your data at risk | Digital Trends

I disagree @Martini

a. That link is full of bullshit motherhood statements. Sort of like, free is bad, because we sell paid version. Nice try, but no meat in there.
b. As for your statement, also incorrect. They are identical. The only difference is that they have over-subscribed servers that may be a little or a lot slower than paid services. They also have no selection of exit nodes (i.e. you get what you get). Other than that - identical.

Sorry mate, you are very incorrect here.

I am talking about commercial offerings with a free tier. Not some dodgy host you randomly found on the Internet somewhere, like a van with free ammo sticker on the side.

We’re talking about different things then, because I’m talking about the random “Free VPN” servers, not the free tier of a reputable commercial outfit.

@JSS - actually… While I am here, depends on how tech-savvy you are… A VPN under the hood, nine out of ten times is just a managed OpenVPN server hosted by someone you pay to maintain it. For about USD5 you can get a reliable virtual server. You can get an installer script from GitHub, all-in-one VPN deployment script, read it, looks fine. Then you just use an OpenVPN client as you would normally. Takes about 10 minutes to set the whole thing up. That is, if you need full control of the server and data flow. That’s what I do from time to time when I need full control of everything. But… When you just want to access streaming services or check a geo-blocked shop or similar, a free tier will do just fine.

@Martini - yeah, I am yet to find what you are talking about :slight_smile: I’d give it a go, see what happens.

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They’re less of a thing than they used to be, but there definitely used to be a few out there before people like Avast and Malware Bytes and McAfee started building basic versions into their products.

I shall allow you to dig up lol We can leave it at that :slight_smile:

like a van with free ammo sticker on the side.
At least its better than the van with free wifi and redbull

Ahh yep, i had that virtual server thing before and it was great, my computer guy ran all my stuff through his one somehow, But he moved to China a few years back to do something with their internet over there so haven’t had that for a while. I hope the little bugger is OK, i haven’t heard from him for about 6 months now lol.
I’m pretty tech savvy if you’re comparing me to a drunk dyslexic goldfish, if not i’d say just very average.

Looks like it might just be easy to stick with the old MalwareBytes for another year & put up with resetting it every morning.

Why do you need a VPN?

Because i like a bit of privacy, and because i regularly download stuff i shouldn’t. :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m aware it’s only keeping things private from the simple folks anyway, but it’s still better than nothing.

Also the virtual server and ExpressVPN used to be able to let me log on to American Netflix…so much better that our shitty version. It was a small bonus but a win none the less.
The virtual server was the best one for pretending to be somewhere else.

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