Berika Navy Seal review......

So those GCA scum were on tv the other day,so in keeping with my standard practice I popped into town and put in a permit for this bad boy.

It’s called the “Navy Seal” which is dumb, but it was the closest model to Saddam Hussein’s gold AK47, but in the more manly 12ga chambering. I will be removing the name but the skull can stay, I mean it is a rapid fire death gun after all.

It kills stuff, even though the battle sights are really made for larger targets like school kids and stuff and made spotting bunnys in the long grass pretty hard.
It didn’t cycle to well straight out of the box and had some feeding issues with the first 5 or so rounds, but I think it may have been just the combination of a new gun, plus all the jizz and drool I’d got in the action.
It’s quite heavy, especially with a full mag, but that made it a dream to shoot even with GB Super Express shells. The pistol grip is very comfy and it was a dream to shoot with my shitty arthritic hands.
The muzzle brake is shitty alloy and it couldn’t breach a doggy door, it also didn’t screw up straight, the vents are all squewiff and only serve to make it loud as hell for the shooter.
All in all its 1400 bucks worth of fuck you GCA well spent and my dicks still hard from playing with it.
It needs better sights, probably a red dot, it needs a rifled choke (I’ve swapped the muzzle wank for the full choke) and I look forward to putting some slugs, buckshot and trying to bust some clays with it!

I’ll do a proper review after I shoot it a bit more.


Great looking shotty. I know what you mean in regards to cringey names. Couldn’t they just call it the all weather, or CR model (corrosion resistant). Are they alloy mags?

Navy Seal just screams mall ninja

Which as a side note is a fascinating story in itself.

What the actual fuck did I just read?!

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If it was called the Mall Ninja I would of been happy, it really is just a wanky mall ninja gun, it’s not quite a 7615 but it’s up there.

The mags (comes with 2 x 5round mags) seem to be steel with a plastic follower and bottom plate / cap thingy.
I’ve come home with a lot of shotguns over the years, but this is the first one the wife and kids had said looks cool and they want to shoot it.
My daughter has named it Erica the Berika, lol, a nice manly Navy Seal name!


Erica written in sparkles with pink stock & fore end is still tougher and more manly than “Navy seal”. :rofl:

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Don’t get me wrong, real Navy Seals are bad arse dudes, but they get to go “Pew, pew, pew, pew” not “Pew, clunk, pew, clunk, pew” ! Lol

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Yep they’re badass fuckers, but naming stuff after them to try and make it cool is just a sad joke.
I’d rather have stuff named the “my little pony” edition than the Navy Seals or Black Ops or some shit like that.

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Since it seems I’m now a full blown “Tac-tard” I got a brass catcher, not that I think it will work for a straight pull with light as empty shotshells.

Classic troll of the times. It has legendary status. Supposedly an Aussie.

Did it like the drink of Sprite it copped from the clay thrower knocking the Sprite over??

Yeah the name is a wank…

Yeah the lemonade and lanox mix got it running nice.
Still haven’t cleaned it properly, lol

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So the lemonade and lanox (and finally running it in) made it cycle good at last.
I tried these in it today and it cycled so smoothly I thought it didn’t actually pick up a round.

The extra high brass made the mag easier to load too.

Obligatory Bentaz dead bunny pic :metal:


For the children


Now you’re just compensating :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been the whole time.

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Ahhh the lemonade n lanolin gun!!

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