Berika black ops recall

Hope no1 owns one of these.

Apparently still letting the stainless one in but not the black one. Bureaucratic hand wringing at its best. Just makes me want to shake them and yell “Stop being Stupid!!”

Cerakoat, cough

Compensation is good… Those 20 slabs of slugs and reloading press and red dot and… Can’t use any of that now. Claim it.

due substantially similar in appearance to … a full automatic firearm

Out of curiosity, what are the criteria they use to judge this on? Surely it can’t be just the colour? I feel like there is a bad joke here about blacks not being let in.

Apparently there is a template of some sort. Shooting Stuff Australia has a YouTube video about it.

Notice all the language is “should” not must, this is a fishing letter not a lawful request!
"Or we will seek to gain a warrant " …
Seek to gain? So it’s not illegal, they just don’t like it, Adler 2.0 if you ask me.

If 10 or 20 owners decided not to hand them over that would mean a bit of cost to customs to get warrants etc.

But what gets me is, it’s their fault they should Jane supported it entering but now taking the guns away… and not even guaranteed compensation is just bad form… I wonder if tomorrow they said all hilux sold in 2019 have to be surrendered with no guaranteed compensation.

There is no “have to” in that letter. It’s not a legal directive, anybody that just rolls over and complies with this is an idiot or has no spine or has something to hide at home and doesn’t want a possible visit if they manage to convince nsw to ban them.
It is like you say as if they turned around and said we dont lime green cars, you “should” (pronounsed “sheep”) give them to us! We might pay you for them, maybe!

Might be able to pick one up cheap though in the next few weeks.

I’m gunna buy one with my tax money if possible

Watch shooting stuff Australia video on it. It’s being modified, apparently, not banned.

So, here’s an update on Berika…

This is Adler v2.0 - best advertising and promotion money could buy.

70 extra orders on guns since weekend? Bwahahahaha.

Greens, the best gun advertising organisation there is. And they are doing it for free. Thanks, shitbridge. LMAO

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Might buy one now, just because.
Going to smooth out the mag well. Thank goodness, those strengthening ribs could of got all tactical and crazy.
Damn those dangerous lumpy mag wells.

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I might cancel my ssaa membership and join the greens.