Bedding compound equivalent

I know people use devcon for bedding.

I have a polymer mag… that i want to make some modification to allow my 6br cases to feed properly. Currently I have an old coat hanger that holds the cases slightly away from the rear of the mag. But if I load more than 3 cartridges the metal wire gets pushed back. Want to create a stop that will not allow the metal to get pushed back. What can I use that’s easily available from Bunnings or autobarn/ super cheap. And i don’t really need too much… importantly it needs to bond with the plastic.

Probably a 2 party epoxy might do… but asking as there might be something better that people have used

There are various puttys you knead with your fingers that harden like steel. Can be filed or sanded afterwards.
I can’t think of the name off hand but there are several out there.

Found Selleys Knead It steel putty at Bunnings

Thanks mate will try that… at least then can saw something did on Sunday gun related.