Be afraid. Be VERY afraid!!!

Is this a scene from some new sci-fi flick or is this really what we have in store for us…

EDIT: Yep. SciFi… have to find movie now! Still scary arsed tech that will probably be reality before too long!

I bet someone is working on it

No good for us, it would take the fun out of shooting :rofl::grin::sunglasses:.
Just imagine you could pick the type, size and weight of what ever you wanted to hunt and let it go.
Then all you need to do is collect the body… boring.

Drone swarms and AI. Not really a new thing…

It is to me…

The bit that freaked me out was:
“$25mil will buy enough drones to take out half a city; the BAD half. Identify your target and eliminate evil ideologies through data; even by hashtag…”

So who decides which is the bad half and what is an evil ideology? If I hashtag #trumpisachimp #cheetovontweeto do I expect to have my brain turned to scrambled eggs by a micro drone as I walk out of the pub? (not a real question, my brain is already scrambled eggs when I walk out of the pub…)

Ok, without getting tinfoil hat over it, it is a frightening idea that anyone with enough cash can get hold of tech that could selectively eliminate any segment of society they want at any give moment with no real opportunity to defend in real time…

How is that different to now?

Because it allows the simultaneous targeting of groups or individuals without the need for the logistics of deploying “boots on the ground” via a self destructing remote device.

Try doing that with your average “hit for hire” or “intelligence agency” assassination.

Bombing and deploying troops isn’t exactly selective, either.

And besides all that… the footage of the product in action it pretty disturbing;
along with the, “trust me, these were ALL BAD GUYS”…

You Taswagians don’t get much TV over there, ay :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t watch Gataca whatever you do.

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Didn’t even know they had made the film into a series…

So is this a scene from Gattaca?
I only posted it because I couldn’t figure out if it was a movie/tv scene or an actual presentation… looked very similar to the Steve Jobs style sales pitch.

Mind you, I had had a few beers by the fire last night when I saw it… :rofl::rofl::rofl:

No, Gataca is an older movie, but you’d enjoy it, maybe, I think. Not about guns at all, but check it out. You’ll see parallels.

Do you think I have lived under a rock my whole life? I am a film freak. Seen Gattaca more than once. Good movie, even if the casting is questionable…

To clarify: I do live under a rock now but haven’t always! :rofl:

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Well, you’re in Tas, so technically on a rock, not under :slight_smile:

Oh… strike that.

I only watched a shorter version of it last night. Just watched the full long version. It’s from a TV show/Movie.

Now I have to find what movie it’s from so I can watch it! :rofl:

This is apparantly designed to freak people like me out by a group protesting the development of automated weaponry… still looking for more info.

Gatica is one of my favorite movies. I thought it was pretty well cast, very thought provoking for the time it was made. Probably nearly a reality now for many things.

Guess I’ll have to look this movie up, I have no idea what it is.

Star studded cast, just found some of the performances didn’t gel all that well. A bit obviously acted, i guess. Maybe not a casting issue, maybe direction but that was my impression.
Still, great flick.