Ban on bow hunting

Just caught a news talk and the minister for animal welfare in Tasmania is going to push for a ban on bow hunting after they found a couple of animals wounded by arrows maybe the next to go will be cars they maim a lot of animals I thought there was already laws under the cruelty act for leaving an animal wounded or injured maybe i’m wrong by the looks of the arrow it’s something you’d buy for kids not one a dedicated bow hunter would use but it’s enough for anti hunters to bang on about

Because it’s a bad look. Seeing a.wallaby running around with an arrow hanging out of it makes the hunter look cruel and careless. Yes more than likely done by a younger person. Whether we like it or not, the future of our sport is a constant PR exercise. We want to present as responsible and ethical. Seeing wounded animals with arrows in them does the exact opposite.

Yep totally agree no good whinging if we don’t keep our own back yard clean although the ‘‘Ban’’ word is thrown around a little bit too easily these days too knee jerk at times