Ballistics 338LM vs 300WM

Am I reading this right?


Using “accepted” projectiles, 300WM is a flatter shooter cartridge (at least to 300m lol)? Zaaa? The hype? The hysteria? The confusion?!?!

(yes, ignoring energy on the other end, just looking at standard loads, because a hole is a hole).

More than likely without getting on the ballistic apps and arguing over an inch here or two. Nearly all the small arms rifles including the 50 cal have very similar trajectories shooting the common bullets used in them. My 308 shooting 155s is 3 MOA at 300 or 9 inches the 223 shooting a 80 grn in nearly identical. It is pretty much the same no matter what the distance. In reality I dont think it make much difference as holding off for drops is just too hard to do accurately so say at 1000yrds whether you dial in 27 MOA or 30 it takes no extra time to account for the drop.

The difference can be advantageous in wind bucking ability this is where the long skinny heavy bullets help take out a bit of human error in judging the wind.

What is often not taken into account is the Recoil of the cartridges in making repeated accurate shots as well. It was a big factor in say the US decision to move from 30 cal to 5.56

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