Ballistic Apps...

OK trend setters, I am thinking about playing around with some ballistic apps/software and figured the best way would be to ask first.

Has anyone use or used a good app that works well and does not take an engineering degree to operate.
Any help would be appreciated.

JBM Ballistics has to be one of the best if not the best. It has a huge library of bullets or you can enter your own info if not in the library. I have found it to be extremely accurate and reliable. It does take a little bit of learning to understand all the inputs. The good news is that all those things light sight height are remembered so you dont have to input them again even months years later. Unless you are using a very different gun setup.

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Thanks for that @sungazer, I will have a look at it.

I’ve used an android app called applied ballistics. I’ve hung around with @sungazer abit and compared it with jbm, and it was always spot on providing the info was good, used it in friendly comps and worked really well

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I found the best one to start with is the free version of Strelok. It does everything the new to LR shooter needs.

I now run Applied Ballistics mainly for the custom drag curves for after the bullets go transonic.

My personal preference is Strelok Pro. Gets me within a couple clicks @1000yds with the 6.5CM. I’ve got all the rest and always come back to Strelok for its ease of use and world class support. Igor is very responsive to emails and his FB Support page. I’m not a fan of Applied Ballistics as the dope can vary from version to version which is a concern, also I’ve met Bryan Litz and he’s a dick.

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Another vote for Strelok. A mate put me onto it who uses it for 300 & 500m fly comps very successfully.

I use a weahter flow weather meter and i must admit, it works heaps better with Strelok Pro than AB over BT.