Ball size for .64 smoothbore?

As some of you will know I have a .64 smoothbore front stuffer, I’ve been shooting shot out of it (hopefully going to get a bunny with it tomorrow) but I don’t have a ball mold.
CBE seem to be the best option for a mold but they have two to choose from.
Should I get the .642 or the .648?
I’m mostly asking @Bigpete and @Keith

Neither. I’d look at .600 or .610

Really? Ok clearly I need to do some more research

G’day bentaz, consider what patch material you are going to use, .010" thick, .015" thick or more? Measure your bore, subtract 2x the patch thickness and choose your ball size, Historically, the smoothbore was often loaded “bare ball”, with a slightly underbore ball and wadding before and after the ball, Cheers

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I having decided on a patch material yet

If it was me, I would want to try a ball before investing in a mould. Traditionally smoothbores did not use patching, they only used wadding, so if you are going to do that you need a loose but close fitting ball. If you are going to patch the ball, then you are probably looking at a .62 caliber ball for a .64 caliber barrel. If you intend to patch the ball, & you finish up with an undersized ball, you can always use a heavier patch material. I can patch a .60 caliber ball with leather to fit my .70 caliber.

That’s a bit of a catch 22, lol. I need to try a ball before I get a mold, but f knows where I’d get balls to try without casting them.
Look at this on eBay

I can get this .600 mold and then experiment with patches I guess.
I am happy shooting just shot out of it but the idea of taking it goat hunting is quite appealing.

I’d get that mate then patch up to fit,or roll the balls between 2 horse rasps to simple them,I get a consistent increase of .010" doing that

Rad! Thanks for that mate :+1:

Just been doing some more reading and apparently the gun should measure .656 cal.
Being that is an 1858 Indian service musket or knock off of one at least.

Found this little gem, although mine has 75 grains stamped on the barrel so I won’t be loading it up with 110 like they suggest it was originally intended

@bentaz Just measure the bore with a micrometer and inside calipers. Easy peasy. Will be accurate to about 2 or 3 thou of an inch. Or slug it

Righto, I’ve just ordered a .600 round ball mold, have to buy some flano or cotton next to cut patches and then go and bp some shit to death!

No old sheets, T-shirts? Would the Mrs really notice 1 missing pillow slip?

I might be able to rustle up something, but I wouldn’t be able to sure it was 100% natural materials

Roller cutter!

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Just use old denim pants mate

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Anyone here cast or load 16ga slugs?
I bought a 16ga single barrel the other day (permit not back yet) and have been looking at slug molds this morning, svarog do a variety some of which may double for the musket .610 round ball & a .614 air rifle pellet like I cast for the 12ga’s and finally a .662 round ball that’s sold as a 12 / 16ga , it’s to big to double as a musket ball though.
Anyway just wondering If any of you have experience loading for the mighty 16?

This must be one of the few places where you can talk about “ball sizes” without it sounding weird lol :crazy_face::wink::laughing:

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