Bad spelling and use of the English Language

There are probably a lot more people that pull their hair out at my and other peoples grammar and spelling than @juststarting. I just saw this picture on line and could read it without any problem at the same speed that I could read a perfectly spelt document.

How do the rest of you fair?

I had a whole essay in my head but basically: Empires Die From Within.

It’s not the spelling. It’s the lack of space and punctuation with you lol

Cant stop myself when Im on a roll, :grinning:. I was amazed at how easily that the above just popped onto my brain without really thinking.

On the other hand trying to learn a second language when you are older just seems like you are always trying to translate it rather than it just making sense. I am sure that is just practice as some phrases in other languages become just instinctive.

I read it easily. I had to go to italy for work a few years back. After 2 weeks i no longer needed the book i got from the P.O. ( just ocassionally ) Really surprised myself.