Back to basics Blacksmithing

So on a cold, wet, shitty day last week I fired up the forge and went back to a bit of basic blacksmithing. ( I have a bunch of knife orders at the moment but I really have to be in the right frame of mind to work on blades.) There’s a “Bushtucker Day” event on just North of us at Trundle soon so I thought I might make a few fire-side implements to maybe have for sale.
First was the “obligatory” fire-poker, followed by a couple of camp-oven lid lifters, then a BBQ/toasting fork. Starting to warm up now, (down to a flanno) made a couple of “S”-hooks, a trammel hook and then a campfire tripod. Personally, I’m a shovel and stick camp-oven cook but a lot of other folks seem to use this stuff.


Nice work @danmac

Now thats cool! Been a while since i’ve seen legit old school blacksmithing

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