Back to basics Blacksmithing

So on a cold, wet, shitty day last week I fired up the forge and went back to a bit of basic blacksmithing. ( I have a bunch of knife orders at the moment but I really have to be in the right frame of mind to work on blades.) There’s a “Bushtucker Day” event on just North of us at Trundle soon so I thought I might make a few fire-side implements to maybe have for sale.
First was the “obligatory” fire-poker, followed by a couple of camp-oven lid lifters, then a BBQ/toasting fork. Starting to warm up now, (down to a flanno) made a couple of “S”-hooks, a trammel hook and then a campfire tripod. Personally, I’m a shovel and stick camp-oven cook but a lot of other folks seem to use this stuff.


Nice work @danmac

Now thats cool! Been a while since i’ve seen legit old school blacksmithing

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Been busy at the anvil building an inventory for a stall this weekend. Tripods, pokers, lid-lifters, steak turners, knife and fork sets, S-hooks, coat hooks and I even made a couple of horseshoes! Haven’t done that since I quit shoeing horses nearly 40 years ago.


This is a gun forum @danmac , we are not interested in your BDSM habits in the bedroom.


You’ve got it wrong, that stuff involves more leather and rope work, oops… :shushing_face:

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So, had a pretty good response at the Trundle Bushtucker Day. Sold most of the 'smithed stuff I put together for the stall. Sold three knives I had on hand and got orders for another three custom blade orders. Took a load of gear in on Friday night and turned up at 8am Saturday to set up the stall and the forge, anvil and post vice I took for doing some blacksmithing on the day. Set up a knife display with those I had in stock and also a large sample of handle materials for people to see what I have available. Also a couple of incomplete knives were set up to show the process involved. I fired up the forge and started working on a firepoker. Folks got pretty interested and I got a couple of requests for one made to their wishes. I didn’t realise how much work I was doing but I went through a 9kg bottle of gas for the day. I never got a chance to sit down all day. I shut down the forge at about 5.30 and it was 7pm before we finished packing everything up. We grabbed a bite to eat and finally sat down around 7pm just in time for Troy Cassar Daly who was headlining the concert. I couldn’t say I know any of his songs but he put on an excellent show, despite the airline he flew out to Dubbo on loosing his guitars. A local bloke came to the party and set him up, he was most appreciative.(So was the crowd)


Sorry, I forgot the “photos or it didn’t happen” rule.


Is that your F truck? Is it the 7.3 Powerstroke? Can I sit in it and make truck noises and toot the horn and wear a John Deere hat and murder prostitutes up and down the highway?

Yes, no, no, no and hell no!

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That’s what this one’s for…


Dan you must be a bloody hard worker because that’d take a shit load of dead hook ers to fill.


I do what I can…


Thats the best F truck ever made. Id like the Excursion model with the full wagon body.

We are apparently able to get the 650 here now