B230 Banned in NSW

Looks like the B230 Adler magazine fed straight pull is going to be banned in NSW.

Gun shops recieved an email to cease selling them and remove from their shelves. This is only hearsay from gun shop employees at the moment but looks to be firming as more than rumour.

Interesting, curious now if they’ll demand existing owners surrender theirs or if they grandfather them…I picked one up a couple weeks ago cause the price was right and I needed another shotgun for cats :slight_smile:

Not good, looks like NSW wants to muscle in on WA’s turf lol.
If they make you hand them in they should be forced to reimburse the complete costs as well as paying twice the cost of the shotty. That might teach them to stop screwing around all the time.

Well, there are a lot of them out there.

Can just see @NationalShootingCouncil quietly sitting in the corner, with a smirk, sharpening a knife. It’s play time.


I bought one of the Ruger PC9 pistols and had to give it back 3 days later. Thankfully I hadn’t shot it so I got a full refund but if I had used it then no refund. I ended up lodging a dispute with my bank over the PTA charge and as the FAR didn’t respond in a timely manner I got my $30 back :slight_smile:


Already onto it, let the game begin.

You know us so well lol!


Have you got more details on this? We’re keen to look into it but need more info (feel free to PM us)


At the moment it’s purely anecdotal from gun shop staff. I haven’t seen any official statement yet.
Been corroborated from several different shops. My gut tells me it’s not a hoax or beat up.

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Just spoke to a dealer mate (guns, not drugs) and they have been informed by the NSW Registry to not sell any stock of the Adler B230T till a decision is made in the new year. Apparently it’s the “appearance” that has their panties in a bind, yet again. The 3 options they can take would be to reclassify it to Cat B, ban and grandfather or ban and demand surrender. Confiscation is unlikely due to the high cost to an already cash strapped government so I suspect it’ll get banned and grandfathered. This is not a registry decision as they dislike the appearance laws as much as we do, this has come from the tards higher up.

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They must be on crack, it "appears " completely harmless to me.

Looks like there has been a win. NSW is allowed to sell the Adler B230 again.
Well done to however made that happen.

FAR have confirmed with us the Adler B230s are good to go again; the issue was - and I quote - a “typo” in the initial declaration. (We don’t believe that, btw). Shooters Union, SIFA and some of the other shooter groups have been extremely busy over the break working on this so nice to see a win here.

The Berikas are still banned at the moment and we’re going to keep pushing for the restrictions on them to be lifted too; we’ll keep everyone posted.

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Can you share what this means? What was the strategy? How? Etc. This is a bit vague for me to busk in the radiance of your awesomeness and winning glory :slight_smile: I am certain it wasn’t a change of heart, a typo or a stern letter drafted using the finest quill SSAA gift shop has to offer. So what was the strategy? Threat of legal action, compensation/damages, what was it?

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I need the berika legal by Sunday thanks!

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It no longer identifies as Berika the shotgun, it is now Berry the single shot 22.

Short version: Us contacting MPs and FAR in NSW demanding it be sorted out, and telling our members to write to their MP demanding this get sorted, said MPs getting bombarded with letters from angry constituents demanding FAR pull their head in, leading to some “Please explain” requests from said MPs to the NSW Police Minister and FAR.

SU NSW did a lot of the heavy lifting on this one and I know SIFA and the NSW Dealer’s Association got involved in meaningful ways too; there’s still things in the works so I can’t really say much more at the moment about what other tactics were employed until we see how things pan out.

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You have to excuse me, but I have a very hard time believing that the letters did anything.

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They do actually work sometimes - we know for a fact they were a notable part of the success in getting gun shops re-opened in Queensland during the lockdown, for example.

Letters weren’t the only thing we did in either case though, obviously.

Fact: something did this, it did not ‘just happen’. And a typo is very unlikely.

Fact: letters don’t work. We can go back and forth on this, but they don’t and we know this. QLD gun shops were re-opened for one of two reasons, threat of legal action or lockdown control simply expired. Again, zero to do with letters.

Take all the letters, combine them, multiply them and then you get near the volume of what would have been sent with Adler magazine tube capacity limits. And it did nothing. In fact, lobbying, deals and threats not to vote for something or other (I don’t recall now) by the Liberal Democrats was the only thing that got the import ban lifted and dare I say paved the way for every new Turkish shotgun we see today.

Not letters.

If other strategies cannot be discussed, that’s fine, I am happy to leave it at that, but we all know the only thing these letters are good for is when the recipient was the last man to a supermarket, after toilet paper panic buying.

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