Auto drum powder measure.....

Well I’m jumping out of my comfort zone, and into auto powder dispensing…go easy on me…I’ve only been reloading for 30yrs…

I have a Lee auto drum on a Pro 1000 progressive press that I used to load .38’s, i had no troubles with it.
@juststarting also had that press for a while until he bought his Dillion, I don’t think he had issues with it either.
The press is junk, but I’m just thinking of the powder thrower.


Yeah, I’ve never been a fan of the Lee Auto presses…but there powder measures seem to just work!!

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See if you can find some CFE-223. Probably your best bet in an auto-drum for both .223 and .308

No good for me, I have a cast bullet addiction…I need it to throw light charges of AP70, and 2205

Ohhhhh I see.

Well, if AP70 is that sort of flake/disc/ball powder similar to AS50N then it will meter pretty damn well too as it does for me in the Dillon and in the Hornady powder chuckers. It doesn’t stop and bite chunks like it does with stick powder

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I think I will use one drum for 6gns of AP70N…357 magnum, and one drum for 20gns of 2205 in 308 win. Both homegrown cast of course. Only thing I shoot jacketed bullets in is an M96 Swede, only because the barrel twist is too fast for cast and the power factor needed.

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2205 meters the best.

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I use a lot of 2205, and it meters well in my other Lee hand operated measure…

Well I’m committed now…


This is like porn to me! Only better.


Yeah baby…