Australian once fired (shop) - closing shop

Looks like they are closing shop. Oh boy.

Man that socks huge donkey balls

Yeah, pretty sucky. I’ll certainly be picking stuff up a lot more often than I used to.

I suspect this may have a broader impact because there are a few ammo re/manufacturers around Australia, I certainly know a few, who sell ammo at a very affordable price because they could get cheap brass. That’s not happening anymore. I suppose they may have other sources, but AOFB was a big one for a few of them.

Such as? The only Australian ammo-makers I’m aware of who aren’t ADI are Unique Munitions (who specialise in weird calibres and didn’t use AOFB) and Gold Coast Reloads, who are neither on the Gold Coast or significantly cheaper than anyone else (at least the last time I checked their prices).

Ultra tech over here in Perth make Re man ammo

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One of the members here is… Don’t recall the business name and Safire in Melbourne and a few others…

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