Australian Once Fired Brass

For anyone who is thinking about buying brass through Australian Once Fired here are my dealings with them.

I sent Wayne (owner) an email asking for a quote on the cost of the brass that I wanted plus freight to my house. His reply was fast and he gave the quote and a recommendation on a better way to do it that ended up saving me $40+ .

He could have just said the price but went out of his way to help. The order was put through and an invoice sent and paid for.
A receipt and tracking number was sent to me and all was well.

A couple of days later I checked the tracking number to see where it was and found an error with the number. Now I had read on their Facebook page that Wayne was going to be out of the office for a couple of days so I just sent him an email giving him a heads up. It was only a minor error and I was not overly concerned.

Next thing I get a phone call from Wayne apologising for the error and explaining what had happened. Problem sorted. We had a pleasant chat for about 25 minutes in which I learnt a few things and tips.
2 days later the brass arrived and is in better condition than I had expected being once fired.

To sum it up my dealings with Wayne and Australian Once Fired Brass was very good. Wayne is a down to earth sort of bloke and will call a spade a spade but if you are straight with him he will be most helpful, be an idiot and expect to be treated the same.

I would not hesitate to recommend them or their service. Below is a link to their web page and their Facebook page.

I too have found him great to deal with and will definitely use his services again.

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It has been awhile since I posted this but time for an update.

When I first brought the brass I had a good look at it and then put it away until I had done my reloading room.
Well today I got it out along with my new tumbler and cleaned the lot. Well out of nearly 5000 9mm cases I found 1 steel one and… thats it, the rest were perfect. There were no damaged ones, no wrong sized cases and non signs of any issues from multiple times fired, I would bet that they are only once fired brass.

Again I will recommend Australian Once Fired Brass to anyone looking to stock up.

Before cleaning;

2 hours of wet tumbling;

Queue - “nobody needs a tumbler, just use steel wool” lol

Nice effort. I like the be those bullet dispenser boxes. That’s awesome. Where did you get them?

I don’t even know why I ask, because I use old ice cream containers, but they do look neat.

Thanks, they are good and hold a decent amount of projectiles. The ones on the far left, reloading bench thread, have 1000 168gr .308 in them.
The ones in this thread have 500 135gr .356 in each.

They are called tilt bins and I got them through a mate of mine who deals in catering. I think you can find them on eBay but I will try to find a link from the company that I found them at.

Found it;

Deflect-O is the brand I got, they come in 3 to 9 bins and can be wall mounted and are stackable. And no I didn’t pay that price for them lol.

Hrmm, don’t think wall mounting that much weight is a good idea lol. But neat solution.

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