Australian Fine Arms (6/3/2021) babble

All of you get offline. My stuff is coming up for auction soon.

Now what are you buying?

Everything. Well, not everything. The 416 Ruger African got passed in. $1150. I hope he calls me. That arisaka with the free horse did sell for $4650.

Lots of stuff getting passed in. Reserves seem very high.

I thought that you already had a 416?
You are not buying me one for my birthday are you?

Thats an Alaskan 416. This is the African. You know, like in case its raining or sunshine Ill have the correct equipment. Gotta have the right equipment.


I just can’t believe they managed to get Julian Assange to be the auctioneer.

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Now that’s thinking ahead. Very good plan.

okay can you all come back online now, theres like no one bidding and 80% of the stuff is being passed in.

Yeah, heaps getting passed in at what I would think are reasonable prices.

Two of mine I’ve already been out bid on. Two I’m still the winning bid at this stage. Honestly don’t expect win either.

Very somber mood, seems like everyone blown their yearly or even two-year budget on last auction with astronomical pricing, now the market is correcting itself.

…i hope.

As expected. Had a max bid of $350 on a Spanish Mauser. It went for $375. Oh well.

That sucks.

Serves you right, You were betting on getting a bargain wernt you?

Wow, no one to bid $800 on a Blaser combo gun? Everyone must be at work.

Wait, Im at work.


Yes but being the boss has some perks lol.

Sold for $4100.
Pretty interesting gun.


Yeah, was hoping.

Market has definitely corrected itself on some things. Good!