Australian Communist Party still alive !!

I went for a look on the world wide web for info on the old socialist party back from the 1970’s and came across these guys. Those that fail to learn from history repeat it.

Yeah imagine having a Nazi party website

You’d be cancelled three ways from Sunday.

Why do the commies get away with it despite having an undeniably higher bodycount in the 20th century?

Not sure why or how they get away with it. However communism has been given a really good try and it has failed to work in all the countries that adopted it. Even in the couple of countries like Vietnam and China where communism still exists in name the everyday practices are not communist at all the countries are run by dictators but the commune ideals are long gone. Both are very capitalist.

Arrogance, “but I can do it better!”

Correction, apparently it just “didn’t really happen”
What about the millions of people who were killed to build socialism and Communism? - Australian Communist Party (

Crazy nuts.

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Damn you I wasn’t going to goto the website now I am probably flagged as a person of suspicion. My wife is off to Vietnam next week as well just to cement things. A bit to expensive to take the whole family this time and I have had enough of sitting around in the heat and mossies in the delta.

You won’t get flagged, google and facebook are all socialist supporters. If anything it will help you through customs or some shit…

22 pew weekend? :smiley:

…unless the mini-you is staying in AU, then you Sir, you got a raw deal lmao

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Yes the mini me is staying home as well despite a desire to be shown off to the overseas family by the wife. I am pretty sure I can use this trip in my favor somewhere down the track to get something I may want.

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Communism is crabs in a bucket.
Capitalism is crabs in bucket, but the bucket is in one of those Claw machine games where you put $2 in the slot and use the claw to pick up a toy, in this case a crab buddy of yours who’s gonna pay you back $200 and sign papers to allow you to purchase more Claw machines and expand your empire.

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