Austin Bourkes Bastille Gun Shop, Dubbo NSW.

Dropped in here this arvo while travelling. Couldn’t ask for a nicer more helpful pair of blokes.
The shop has been there for 30 odd years so they tell me. The front half of the place has a great selection of new guns, ammo, dies and all the things you’d want, but the back half of the shop and basically every other small scrap of space is crammed full of 5 decades of collecting of milsurp rifles, militaria, and collectable old ammo, much to my delight 100s of boxes of old shotgun shells.
I even managed so twist the old blokes arm into selling me a Greener 12/14ga round that I’ve been searching high and low for.
Below is a few pics of some of the back of the shop, really only a teaser as there is literally a museum’s worth of stuff in there.



Thats wicked cool, much .303 stuff?

Yeah there was probably 30 on display, but the owner told me he has more than 100 303’s. Also has about 100 cadet rifles. He told me he has about 600 guns in total

Not sure if you noticed it but there’s a boys anti tank rifle in those pics above.

@AusTac Mate just at first glance of that place you can see they are going to be 303 tragic s. Looks an interesting place nearly worth the trip just for that.

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Yeah, just the number of martini Henry’s/ Enfields… I could of stayed there all night just looking through all the old shotgun ammo.

Yeah, but are those toys for sale? I mean, it’s all well and good, but you know… Just looking, meh.

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Wow, its like the Darwin War Museum in there!

Yeah mate, there were things he’d sell and then there were things he wouldn’t, depends how many he had I’m guessing.

So I would be guessing that you will be calling in there on your way back home :smiley::wink::wink:

Looks like a great shop, wish it was closer to home

Does he have a website at all?

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@Nomis this is the sort of shops you can find when you get outta the city.

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Yeah, but the further you go, the more likely you are to hear “Spider Caught a Couple Flies”. I’ll stay in the city, thank you!

Also, yes, rural gun shops are the best, to find weird and rare stuff at fair price.

Bonus points, for recognising the quote, without googling.

Zeds dead.

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