Aus Post shipping used brass

A while ago someone started some BS that AU Post no longer ships brass. I remember, because I remember telling patient-zero directly that he was full of shit, as he refused to post evidence, poor attempt at a troll, god knows why.

Anyway, I am sure some of you remember.

So, I went to my local post office to pick my brass up, 8kg in total, I ship all fun related stuff to my PO box. Rock up, grab my stuff and here it is.

The 5kg bag of 9mm brass (the other 3 is 45auto that didn’t explode) pretty much exploded all over the floor at one of the intermediate sorting centres. Got picked up, shoved in a stronger bag and shipped on. Even weighted it, all seems to be in order…


  1. Proof Au Post ships brass just fine (of course as long as it’s used) LOL
  2. Local post office guy is really interested and I am hoping I’ve converted another soul (that would be 4th this year :slight_smile: )

I had 4 x 5kg bags sent from AOFB and they came in the same Aus post bags.

I had the same experience from him as well. But I received less than half of my brass. I suggested he pack it in a stronger bag inside the Auspost bag. boy did I cop it. After a lot of wrangling and listening to all his issues with customers and several attempts he finally shipped me a replacement bag.

It could be that the OP claiming non shipment of brass came across a PM who made their own rules up.


It’s funny you say that JS some one stating not being able to receive brass through the post I remember something similar awhile back and I too got brass through the Australia post in a plastic see through bag with a letter attached stating this was the last bag being sent by mail to me as Australia post was not going to continue dealing with firearm (Ammunition) Ammunition!!! but still to this day I still buy brass through the mail nothing has changed although I did contact the dealer and now wraps it before sending maybe someone in Australia post doesn’t like guns and decided to do something about it and wrote a letter and stuck it on the bag thinking it would make a change but it hasn’t worked

PM = Postmaster.