Arms auction review (Oct 2020)

It’s not though, because SMLEs are in no way rare at all. Pretty much every big gun dealer has a couple in stock. They made millions of them, and even taking out all the ones that didn’t survive the war or got sporterised afterwards, there’s still more than enough for pretty much every gun owner in Australia to have a couple and there still be heaps left over.

I’d be interested to know exactly how many are left. Do t forget that a heap of Lithgows didn’t stay in Australia. I don’t know how many but a heap ended up in the US.

Even Carcano prices are rising now. Such a pain. I was sure that COVID was going to crash prices. If this sort of thing won’t bring them down, nothing will.

If you know what you want and act proactively, you will find what you want at a reasonable price.

Most of the ones that went to the US were parts guns, bought by J Jovino & Co in New York and then assembled into full guns after SMLE production ended here in the mid-late 1950s, from what I gather.

There are a lot of full-wood SMLEs left in Australia. They made 17 million of the things around the world; they’re not rare, they’re not unusual, and most collectors have several of them.

This was a very depressing thread. Especially the K31. I think I need a counsellor.

Perhaps you could buy another gun to cheer yourself up? Oh, wait… :stuck_out_tongue:

But you’re not into older boom sticks, are you?


I can say that one of the K31’s was a bargain! When priced on the international market. Last one of a similar type sold in August for 4300CHF(Swiss Francs) + 23% auction premium, so about 5289CHF or $8000 AUD.

We all have limits to our knowledge, and cant know everything.

The other rifle, I am scratching my head as to why it achieved such a price premium. But I am sure the people bidding must know why. I am 100% sure that the “Market price” for a standard K31 did not just hit $7000.

Also, food for thought:
The image you posted, look up that SN and tell me the year of manufacture…

Last one of a similar type
for a standard K31

Out of curiosity, what’s special about this K31? Is it the year of manufacture? Which looks like 1954?

That is what I thought, but you are looking up the 6 digit SN
Not the 7 digit SN that is reported in the auction.

Wait, so it’s special because it’s been incorrectly numbered? Or renumbered by someone else?

@Dunkx absolutely, which is why I am scratching my head. If you could explain, that would be fantastic.

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Imagine if it was a typo on the website, that’d be funny.

I’ve finally had a chance to go through my watch list and compare the price estimates to the hammer price and the short version is there is very little I could have afforded, even without taking into account the GST/Buyer’s Premium/Freight/Dealer Transfer/PTA costs on top of that.

There’s a few things that didn’t sell for insane money, but most of the stuff on my watchlist went for waaaaaay over the price estimate.

You really do have to wonder what is wrong with people, frankly.

There’s nothing wrong with them, they just have more money to spend, they want what they want and pay the price required to get it. Simples :wink:

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That’s honestly what I’m starting to wonder lol.

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What would you guys say is a fair price for a P14 in a bit beaten condition.

I’ve put in an offer of $450 contingent on the rifle’s numbers matching, and they’ve accepted it.

Does it matter… You want it, what we think is irrelevant.

Just trying to check I haven’t offered too much.

I checked the prices that Usedguns had which was 900-1000, but they were generally better condition.

You can always offer a fiddy, see why they say :wink: