Aresenal molds any good...

Bought this for 308, 3006…
Anyone had experience with these molds?

Does anyone on this forum shoot cast rifle bullets or am i missing something??..

I love cast boolits, but i only have lee and Swarog?russian slug molds, I’ve never heard of those ones mate.
@danmac would be the guy to ask I reckon…

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Your onto it mate!! Just dont tell all these blokes paying a fortune for jacketed bullets…hope the back feels ok…

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Not a brand I have any experience with

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The Sprue plate looks heavy duty, CBE like…so we will see…Ordered a 3 hole 30HVT for 308, 3006, at .311, with a .298 nose, with the intention of keeping the base of the bullet, in the case neck.

Looks a lot like an NOE mold. I have a bunch of those. Good molds, they take some getting going as the aluminium dissapates heat quickly. I have to cast a lot quicker than I normally do to keep the heat up. Once you get the casting tempo right they turn out some nice bullets.

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Yeah, i think casting in tandem with another mold and tuning the temp as the pot level drops i usually find the sweet spot for heat…cant wait to get it!

I find with my NOE molds that I have to cast as fast as possible to keep the heat up otherwise they cool out and I get shit bullets

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How many cavities are your NOE molds? I went with a triple cav. Aresenal, thinking it might have better heat retention…Really hoping the alloy is better quality than Lee alloy molds…Hope they are still in business, they have not replied to email/message as yet…but its the season, i guess.

I’ve got a bunch from 2 to 5 cav. The 5 cav is 120gr .32-20 and there is a bunch too much alloy for the amount of cavity so its a bitch to keep at temperature. That “H” cross section is really good at dissapating heat.

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Here’s a few pics of my molds…

The 6 hole Lee is 9mm and I actually like those, quality in the ones I have is very good.

These NOE molds have interchangeable pins, flat nose or hollow point

This is the more frequently used line-up, ( and some blades I should get on with…)


Some finished product that needs using.