Are the Ruger precision rifles legal in NSW

Anyone in nsw got one to answer this question?


Unless the law has changed, no.
No collapsible , folding or adjustable stocks. Adjustable cheek weld is ok, but nothing that shortens the rifle.

Pretty sure @Brett owns RPR, but with a fixed stock.

Not likely, part of its design is a folding stock is required to remove the bolt.
Unless there is a NSW specific workaround like a bolt in place of the quick release folding button/latch.
You can have a chassis rifle, just not a folder.
I am not aware of any fixed stock options for the RPR. Why would you want the hassle of undoing things with tools to remove the bolt though, questionable.

If you really want a chassis rifle. A Howa can be had for less in a variety of chassis. Or a Tikka or Lithgow is $1000 more but worth it.

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The centrefire is not legal in NSW due to the design of the stock but as a consolation prize we can get the 22lr version which has the adjustable stock fixed by way of a roll pin. I have the RPR Rimfire which I like a lot but had to remove the roll pin to lengthen the stock before re-drilling and fitting it back in order to be legal again.


Well Brett , as any lady will tell you, those few extra inches make you far more dangerous.


The rimfires don’t have a folding stock.