Applying for a Class C license

Hi All

I’m thinking about applying for a class C license
I’m 19 grew up and still live on my fathers farm. I still help out with a bit of farm work eg shifting sheep, lamb docking and shearing. Anyway I was going to apply for a Class B but heard you can’t use other class firearms. My father has a class C license with a semi auto 22 and thinking of getting a pump action shotgun so that would mean I wouldn’t be able to use it right?.

So I though I would apply for a class C as the SAPOL website says “This category of licence authorises you to possess firearms for the purpose only of use in a primary production business, as either the operator or an employee or relative.” so that would mean I’m eligible. (SAPOL - Do I need a firearms licence)

So I’m wondering if anyone has apply for something similar and how difficult would it be. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


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First up, I’m neither in South Australia or have a Cat C, but it sounds like you’re eligible and it shouldn’t be too hard to get apart from the wait. You might be able to apply for fast tracking due to needing it as a primary producer, too.
But you would need a Cat C to own a semiauto .22 and a pump shotty, yes.
I’d say probably to even use one under your dad’s supervision, although I’m not sure on that without checking.
And welcome to the forum, stick around, hang out and hope you enjoy your time here. :+1:


Hi Ben. From what I understand, same application process but need supporting docs to state you are in primary production. Once licenced you can use Cat C for primary production purposes only, ie: on the farm. Your own, general firearms for use off farm, would have to be Cat A & B.

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Thanks for both the answers

The main reason for getting a class C would just to be able to legally shoot the .22 and pump shotty as I will probably buy a bolt action centrefire for myself for target and a bit of hunting. It would suck to get a license and not be able to shoot some of the gun my family owns.

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