Apparently shooting sports are declining


@Oldbloke, you’re good at it, how do you get them to fact check. I want to see evidence.

Not according the the ABC.

Or this mob.

The simple fact is that there is massive growth in people taking up sports shooting and hunting of all kinds.
Adding to that We have better health outcomes and people are living longer and better lives and continuing to shoot longer too.
How anyone could take an article that for experts has scam Lee quoting unprofessor alpers is beyond me. It’s a joke!

Mmmmm, I think your asking how to check the accuracy of that dollar figure? I also doubt its accuracy. (more likely 7m) But sources could be state or federal gov. No idea really would take a lot of work. Large sporting groups or associations maybe? Have looked at ABS?

Hmm I don’t think it’s bad… if the government is spending some money on another form of sports… just like swimming or water polo

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