Anzac Day shoot...

Hi all…VRA,SSAA members interested in some Anzac day nostalgic fun, while donating to Legacy?
See below…

Sorry guys, I hope you can access this…
I think anyone should be able to open it now…

Dusting off the 303s??..or any milsurp really.
Its all about the day, and Legacy!

Ooof, it’s cold in here. Ill keep you company. I think @Supaduke always makes it. I always watch the game :slight_smile:

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Plenty of time to get home and watch Collingwood get smashed…how far from LR are you…its only 100k for me though…

I’ll be there

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So this is how I imagine this to go down…

Now, I couldn’t decide, so you can have both.

Sound on of course.

Perfectly normal…you could don your mankini, and join us! We normally wear Hiwian shirts for that fresh feeling though, i shit you not!

Heh, nah, I got to adult and parent.

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Parenting is ok, but adulting is over rated, products not as described, would not recommend… I give it 1 out of 5 stars


Adulting also costs a lot of money in the long run. The fun never lasts as long as you wish it would.

How’d you finish up mate? We had to choof off…Great to catch up, just the same!

I ended up coming second in the classic division. I’m a bit dusty on open sight centrefire at the moment.
Overall I’m pleased with how I shot.


Good day overall, quite a decent turnout.

Weather played ball, very light breeze and plenty of sunshine.


Historically numbers were a bit down, but not too bad. It could have been ran a bit better…The committee is in a tug of war at the moment, i believe…well done @Supaduke


Mildura military rifle and pistol shoot is on the 18th and 19th August…for anyones interest…Can email flier to those interested