ANZAC Day 2020 - Light Up the Dawn

What a great way to show your respect and celebrate our service men & women on ANZAC Day even though we can’t gather together this year. Good on whoever thought this idea up.


Yep a great initiative for sure. Bloody salt of the earth those old fellas and ladies that served. I think it is the least we can do to thank them for their service and to honour those who didn’t return.


A timely reminder that we’re now three generations of relative calm and prosperity without any major dramas in our lives. Think about what these folks put on the line, ( their lives ), and then look at all the whining going on at the moment about being told to stay home for a while.





An unbearable hardship for many these days is when the internet goes down for 5 mins or the cafe has run out of avocado, or god forbid their selfie camera breaks.

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I do wonder if things turn to custard if the younger generation of today will be made of similar metal to those who has saved our bacon in the past. From what I witness I would say not.

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I can just see the millennials now, sitting around talking to their grand-kids,
" Well, back in 2020 we had to endure sitting around the house, playing x-box and using social media to stay in touch with our friends. You could only go out to get take away coffee and food, toilet paper was almost impossible to get, as was rice and pasta. We lived in fear of an electricity black-out and disruption to our internet and mobile phone networks. Yep, you kids have no idea of the hardships we had to endure."


Back on topic, the small village near us always has a dawn service that sees about 200 or sometimes more people attend, not bad for a population of less than 100. We have a local light horse troop that forms the guard of honour and one of them plays the last post and reveille on the bugle. It will be strange not having that and I believe it will be the first time since it started that it won’t be held.
A whole bunch of my family served in action, WW1 & 2 and Vietnam and thankfully all returned. My wife lost a great uncle in Korea. I have friends and a nephew currently in the services.
Our family will do as suggested in the link and hold our own “dawn service” here on the farm.
“We will remember them,…lest we forget”


This is exactly what WW1 vets would say about WW2 vets. And generations before that… You are comparing peace to war, different baselines. All people are the same and stand up to challenges thrown at them. If god forbid something like that happened now, this generation would answer the call, as did all before them.

If you want to compare, than this is what WW2 vets said about the next generation or the one after, who volunteered or won a free trip to Vietnam.

These are not comparable topics. Get off those high horses, gents and stop your argumentum ad antiquitatem :wink:

The Dawn Service remembers and respects those who paid the ultimate price for peace, it is not a baseline to compare…


Bit thin-skinned there JS? As you imply with your fancy Latin quote, it’s just the Australian way mate, poke fun at a people.
Did you read my “back on topic” post?

Mate, I’m so thin skinned, that if a cafe runs out of avo I fucking lose it! And internet down, well, I can’t even think of that! I deny nothing, I’m a softy.

Yes, back on topic. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I genuinely think you’d be surprised how many late teens and early 20s would step up to the plate. Whilst i know a few who would cower under the bed, I also know a few that would down tools and up guns.

FWIW, take my Dad as just one example…everyone who knew him thought he was tough as hell…and he was… he regularly proved it by beating his wife and 3 boys… told me outright that he was scared shitless of being called up to Vietnam

I held our local Dawn Service here this morning. I hope you all have a good day.


Lest we foget

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Lest we forget

We ‘‘THANK’’ you to those that returned , we ‘‘THANK’’ you to those that did not, we ‘‘THANK’’ you to those still resting in an unknown spot, you can rest assured that your BRAVE deeds and names have not been forgot. ‘‘Rest in Peace’’ ‘‘Lest We Forget’’


Good drills on the banner @juststarting


Yeah that’s neat, good job buddy

Well done @bentaz I got up at 5.30 am after not much sleep and watched it on TV.
Last year a service was held at the Bendigo VRA rifle range and I had the honor of Shooting the 303 at the target. I will find out a bit more of the significance of each of the stages.But a single target is raised and one shot is fired at the target. The target is then lowered and it is marked with a red marking disc in the centre no matter if the target was hit or not. The target is then lowered to half height.
I have asked for more information on all the steps in the process and the significance of each step as it is not widely available information from what I can tell.